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Thursday, July 2, 2015
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"Let's Just Go For Broke": The Story of Unapologetically Out '70s Rock Band Smokey

Above photograph by John Van Hamersveld; add'l photos by E.J. EmmonsMore likely than not, you've never heard of Smokey. That's a damn shame, because whether they were creating disco-punk three decades early, banging heads with future metal lord Randy Rhoads...… Read Full Story

Stop Saying Rihanna's "Bitch Better Have My Money" Video Is Anti-Feminist

So the talk of today is obviously Bad Girl RiRi and her NSFW "Bitch Better Have My Money" video, and it seems like a lot of people have decided to weigh in that it's not safe for feminists and glamorizes... Read Full Story

The Six Movies to See In July

AmyAn incredibly moving documentary by Asif Kapadia concerning the tragic short life of British power house singer Amy Winehouse. With unlimited access to home movies and archival footage one could not imagine a more complete portrait of this talented woman... Read Full Story
tv Watch the Full Trailer for Netflix's Wet Hot American Summer Prequel

Watch the Full Trailer for Netflix's Wet Hot American Summer Prequel

The first look at Netflix's insane, hopefully incredible Wet Hot American Summer prequel show was structured as an old advertisement for the camp, and while it was funny, it also didn't give much of an indication of what the series... Read Full Story

Rihanna Drops Bloody, Badass Video for "Bitch Better Have My Money"

Bad Girl RiRi, indeed. Our Queen officially debuted her new video for the incredible, brap brap-boom single "Bitch Better Have My Money" -- and it is a glorious, badass mash-up of culturally-relevant films and tropes that sees Rihanna exacting revenge on... Read Full Story

The Stranger-Than-Fiction Origin Story Behind One of the Coolest Mezcal Brands on the Scene

The door (beneath "2 Shot Minimum!!" sign) to the mezcal bar inside Café No Sé. (Photo by Aram)Should you ever find yourself in Guatemala, be sure to make your way to Antigua, a beautiful colonial-era town an hour or so... Read Full Story
Pre-Gaming with Host Extraordinaire Cameron Cooper

Pre-Gaming with Host Extraordinaire Cameron Cooper

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Stream Songs Off of Cody Simpson's New Album, Free

Photo by Jacqueline Di Milia for PAPER"I've learned a lot from the start of the album process to the end," Cody Simpson shared with us in our summer issue about his new album, Free. The 18-year-old has struck out on... Read Full Story
tv Watch Stephen Colbert Host a Public Access Show in Michigan -- With Eminem

Watch Stephen Colbert Host a Public Access Show in Michigan -- With Eminem

As Stephen Colbert gears up for his new role as the replacement for David Letterman, he's done a lot to tweak his image. In addition to public appearances and the announcement of the bandleader, his Late Show team has started... Read Full Story

A Round of Applause for Marc Jacobs's Nude Instagram Response

photo by Richard Phibbs So by now you've probably heard that fashion designer Marc Jacobs accidentally Instagrammed his nude with the caption "It's yours to try!" yesterday. Because, Internet.And while it was taken down quickly, it still managed to serve as... Read Full Story