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Thursday, March 5, 2015
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New Yorkers Dressed Up as Old Dolls = The Best

New Yorkers Dressed Up as Old Dolls = The Best
A new book and exhibition by photographer Annie Collinge asks a simple, but important, question: What would random New Yorkers look like dressed as old dolls? Collinge, who has been working on the project for the past few years, approached...… Read Full Story

Watch 2 Chainz Smoke the World's Most Expensive Joint, Smoke a Huge Bowl

After wiping the floor with nightmare devil person Nancy Grace over pot legalization, 2 Chainz is taking the next rational step in becoming the American Weed Hero our nation so deserves: By smoking the world's most expensive joint. Ours... Read Full Story
art This Tumblr Shows the Striking Similarities Between Your Favorite Rappers and Historical Art

This Tumblr Shows the Striking Similarities Between Your Favorite Rappers and Historical Art

What does a Renaissance-era van Eyck portrait share in common with the ATL Twins?  See for yourself:"Left: Jan van Eyck. Ghent Altarpiece detail. c. 1432 / Right: The ATL Twins."Those pouts. Those hairdos. That swag. Coincidence or art history conspiracy?... Read Full Story

Watch Tinashe's 8-minute Martian Epic, "Bated Breath"

Given this video's eight-minute duration and desert setting, I was a little surprised when Slash didn't bust into frame ripping the "November Rain" guitar solo. But Tinashe is not about turgid production or operatic gestures, and "Bated Breath," which... Read Full Story

Kevin Bacon Confirms That Being Famous Rules

Photo via Matteo Prandoni/BFAnyc.comLet's check in with Kevin Bacon, shall we? The well connected, 56-year-old actor is finishing up the third season of his FOX show, The Following and his new film, Cop Car just premiered at Sundance. With new... Read Full Story

Watch Justin Bieber Parody His Calvin Klein Ad

First came Justin Bieber's perplexing Calvin Klein ad with Lara Stone, which featured a confusing mixture of drumming and exposed skin, then came Kate McKinnon's genius parody on SNL, and now the Biebs has returned with his own parody-parody... Read Full Story
art 20 Art Shows to See This Spring In NYC

20 Art Shows to See This Spring In NYC

The slush puddles may still be bottomless and our seasonal depression may still be raging, but March is here and with it, a bursting of spring art events. From massive international art fairs to tiny art haunted houses, emerging gallery... Read Full Story

Marina and the Diamonds Make a Strong Case For Forgetting Your Past

Back in 2012, Marina Diamandis, of Marina and the Diamonds told us the following: "It's paradoxical to be a DIY artist with big aspirations -- those two ideas tend to go completely against one another. But, I'm trying to... Read Full Story

Thank God for Model Arthur Gosse

Spring fashion modeled by one of the hottest boys around. Hermes shirt and jacket, Burberry Prorsum coat, Yazbuke mustache tiePrada pants, Balmain top, Yazbuke newspaper, Falke socks, Adieu shoesDSquared2 DenimPrada coat, Versace pants, Sacai top, Missoni scarfDior jacket, shirt and... Read Full Story

The Oscars Without Dialogue Is a Stress Dream From Hell

Have you ever had a nightmare where you keep trying to speak, but you can't? This super-cut of the Oscars with all of the dialogue is a stress dream on a steroids, where Oprah and all of Hollywood are... Read Full Story