Allie X's Paris Fashion Week Pop Star Report

Allie X's Paris Fashion Week Pop Star Report

By Justin MoranMar 13, 2024
Fresh off the release of her new album Girl With No Face, musician and weirdo style star Allie X stopped through Paris Fashion Week to continue exploring what she lovingly calls a “Weird World.” PAPER asked her to report back on some of the shows she attended, from Marine Serre to Ann Demeulemeester. Sure, she might’ve been late and missed one, but does it really matter if you were there as long as you took a picture of the outfit? Some exclusive pop star show notes and looks, below.

Marine Serre

The Look: The classic half moon-shaped Marine Serre print is worn underneath a tailored schoolgirl dress. Adding to the outfit’s spacey attitude is a pair of buggy purple sunglasses that are absolutely out of this world.

The Report: “Marine Serre placed this showing inside a large food market. They served coffee and tea at the little circular tables we sat at. I loved this show and found the fashion this season extremely enticing and wearable.”


The Look: A neon yellow, sheer party dress that cinches closely around Allie X’s figure — styled with a puffy camel overcoat and knee-high leather boots. The outfit lays and gathers in a way that almost appears wet, with eerie glam like she’s just stepped out of a frozen ice bath.

The Report: “I didn’t make it to this show on time, but thought this look deserved to be featured.”

Ann Demeulemeester

The Look: A long, cream-colored top coat that pools at the floor with extended sleeves to match. Hair clips and cross-shaped charms frame Allie X’s face, as black eyeliner is sketched haphazardly around her bare eyes in an almost feral, childlike way.

The Report: “This show was pretty incredible: Goth, leather, velvet, straps. My outfit dragged through the mud on my way in, which was 100% approved by the PR team, accompanied by the live drones of a huge modular synth. The front row was full of iconic rockers, namely Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode. I wish I’d known, but I’m kinda glad I didn’t cause I probably would have embarrassed myself.”

Photography: Guillaume Thomas