Toccororo Is Taking Charge

Toccororo Is Taking Charge

Story by Ivan Guzman / Photography by Joel Palmer
Mar 14, 2024

Spanish splendor runs through Toccororo’s veins. The DJ has made quite the name for herself, having traveled the world filling rooms with her infectious energy and upbeat sonic superstardom. The Cuban-Spanish powerhouse was born in the Canary Islands and raised in Vigo, Spain, and this tropical tenacity can be felt in her sets. “I’m always gonna say that I play dark, sexy and funny stuff — take it or leave it. Up to you,” she tells PAPER.

With self-proclaimed “big Libra energy,” Toccororo is all about balance. Her performances, which have included Boiler Room, Sonar Festival, and her own international headlining tours, aren’t just straight DJ sets — they incorporate her extensive background in dance, performance, and interacting with the audience in a way that sets her apart, incorporating a range of genres from hardstyle to acid to ‘raptor house.’

PAPER sat down with the spicy siren to discuss spirit animals, astrology and touring the world.

I feel like you’re not just a DJ, you’re a performer. How does this performance aspect — fashion, energy, etc — play into your practice?

Well, at the beginning I wasn't thinking about it too much. It was more of an organic process, like everything came naturally. I’ve always been close to the dance world, and I made many friends there. I used to train, but now with the crazy schedules, it’s more complicated. But of course, I would lie to you if I said that it doesn't have a big role.

But also it's not about proving to the audience that I'm a complete artist or anything like that. It's more about transmitting what I'm feeling. Every track I play is because I really like that track, and it made an impact on me. I'm playing my favorite music, and my gift is not just sharing with y'all. It's sharing also what it makes me feel.

I see you’re a Libra, as well! What’s your favorite part about being a Libra, and how do you think it helps you approach everyday life?

We’re like the Leos, but everybody loves us. Sorry, I’m kidding! My Gemini rising just entered the chat. We always try to find balance in everything, and applying to my world, it means being calm to make the right decisions and respecting the timings of the creative process and the members who are part of it. Yeah, we doubt a lot, even in an annoying way, but doubt is a sign of intelligence. And in this business, you have to take your time to make the right choices. Also, we have an impeccable sense of style and humor, but y'all already knew that.

What music vibe are you fixated on currently? Any particular sounds or genres that you’re playing with in your sets at the moment?

Honestly it changes every five minutes. It's funny because everybody sees me as the Latina girl, but then I'm too hardcore for the Latinx club scene right now and too Latina for the hardcore scene. I'm like Selena Quintanilla living between two worlds. I'm always gonna say that I play dark, sexy and funny stuff, take it or leave it. Up to you. I can go from tribal, house, acid, guaracha or raptor house to trance, hardstyle and techno. Everything that sounds hard with a strong identity, right? Club music!

What’s your spirit animal?

Crystal Connors. I mean, who doesn't love Showgirls? I will say a mix of her, Kylie Minogue, Azealia Banks, Björk, Lady from The Lady and The Tramp and my mom. She’s a Cuban Gemini queen. Enough said.

Tell me about your upcoming touring plans. How do you anticipate making each Toccororo set special and unique?

Well, I just came from a mini U.S. Tour and Paris Fashion Week. And right now, I’m doing a quick stop in Spain to play a special set at the Reina Sofia Museum — the most important contemporary museum in the country — for the closing of ARCO. After that, I'm gonna perform at AXE Ceremonia in Mexico before I start my first Asian tour next April. Also, there are things like Dekmantel and more stuff, but I don't want to spoil! I think I gave you enough right?

Photography: Joel Palmer