The Best and Not So Great Looks at the Golden Globes

The Best and Not So Great Looks at the Golden Globes

BYJoan SummersJan 08, 2024

The Golden Globes have come and gone, but the looks? Those last forever, especially if you’re Hunter Schafer’s stylist Dara Allen. Then the day after is cause for celebration, considering the numerous “best dressed” roundups you’ve landed her on.

The night saw wins for critical darlings like Actress in a Drama Motion Picture winner Lily Gladstone, or Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture winner Da'Vine Joy Randolph. Barbie took home the newly minted Cinematic or Box Office Achievement award, which is like being told you’re popular on Twitter. Oppenheimer swept through the Supporting Actor, Actor, Director and Original Score categories, while the people’s princess Ayo Edibiri nabbed that coveted Actress in a Musical or Comedy TV Series trophy.

A few of the winners and nominees, for the record, even looked good in the process! But more than any other year in recent memory, I genuinely struggled with this year’s carpet. It’s not that the looks were necessarily bad, of course. I’ll demonstrate below just how much there was to look at. Instead, the spectacle of glamor amidst so much death and suffering felt gruesome, at least to this fashion looky-loo. Thankfully, some attendees felt the same. Ramy Youssef called for a ceasefire and also lovingly begged his fellow Hulu star Jeremy Allen White to never do another Calvin Klein ad again. Many things can be true at once, but mostly: Ceasefire now!

The Best of the Best: Dua Lipa

Oh god, a bunch of gay people included Dua Lipa on the best dressed list ... It's like florals in spring! Moving past the shock of it, however, I’d like to formally announce that Dua Lipa looks good in Schiaparelli. The dress hits all the important notes for a carpet: It fits, the embellishments are sublime, and her glam is impeccable. Likewise, it’s nice to see balloon sleeves finally transition into trumpet gowns across the couture space.

Lily Gladstone

The Best Actress Oscar should, at this point, be renamed the Lily Gladstone award. We don’t need the ceremony to know who the trophy belongs to this year! That said, Valentino pulled out the stops for her Golden Globes appearance. The fit of her gown is impeccable, and masterfully accentuated by Valentino’s tailors, who provided a contrasting cape. Sadly, not many capes could say the same!

Colman Domingo

Men are often ignored on the carpets, which isn’t fair. It’s partly due to their overall refusal to engage with stylists and the menswear industry’s generally dated approach to tailoring and design. Thankfully, Colman Domingo wore this custom Louis Vuitton suit and Nehru collar. I gasped, literally, and I generally reserve such physical outbursts for Mariah Carey’s public appearances or anytime Christine Baranski shows up on TV. Thanks, Colman!

Billie Eillish

My mind spun wildly out of control when it came time to make a decision on Billie Eilish’s look here. Fresh off accusing the press of outing her over comments she freely offered up in an interview, I was all but prepared to hate whatever she wore. To be totally honest, I probably did until just this moment, when I finally sat down to write out my thoughts. It’s a fun look, and that’s the point. We love Willy Chavarria here at PAPER! Now skip along in those biscuit kickers, Billie.

Fantasia Barrino

I am actually going to ignore that this dress was made by Dolce & Gabbana because what I have to say concerns this dress very little. Fantasia, more than most other stars on the carpet, has not had an easy time since breaking through the mainstream since the early seasons of American Idol. It was a long road to a starring role in The Color Purple, and good god, am I happy we can talk about her in context of the awards circuit. She looks fabulous, sings better than most of her peers and has the brightest renaissance ahead of her.

​Rosamund Pike

Rosamund Pike is spooky, which is part of her charm and mystique. She’s even spooky enough to tickle me in whatever Maria Grazia Chiuri pumps out at Christian Dior Couture these days. As the gay people say, “kill me mother.”

Da’Vine Joy Randolph

Da’Vine Joy Randolph is not only my pick for the Oscar, but just about everyone’s pick for the Oscar. Rightfully so! The Holdovers star effortlessly swept into contention in a crowded category last year, and I’m happy to see she’s kept that energy on the first major carpet of the season. I didn’t think I’d be waxing poetic about Rodarte in 2024, but this dress is phenomenal! The embellished bustier is my favorite part, as it hugs her breasts perfectly while retaining its shape. Effortlessly chic. I also want to shout out the girls who wear visible nails to the carpet! They’re all my sisters in glam.

Hunter Schafer

Dara Allen has done it again! Hunter Schafer’s iconic stylist is keeping the girls satiated on red carpets literally around the globe. This Prada gown defies belief and has to be seen in action to be fully understood as the masterwork it is.

Dara’s mind is inconceivable. She and Schafer together have a once in a lifetime creative synergy that continues to push boundaries on carpets and off them. It’s like when onlookers first laid their eyes on Law Roach’s vision of Zendaya. Every time feels like the first time! Now excuse me, I have to cry for a moment about all the beauty that’s still left in the world.

Ayo Edebiri

Ayo Edebiri is the people’s princess, and luckily, she’s continued to dress the part. Hollywood’s hottest starlet also stepped out in Prada for the carpet. While we saw lots of similar trains, which we’ll get to, Edebiri’s gown is the obvious progenitor. The subtle chiffon trim is delightful, and her glam is quintessential Prada — a bit coy and a bit chic.

The Not So Great: Hailee Steinfeld

Speaking of Prada, here’s the other side of the coin. It’s not that it’s a bad dress by any means. As a column gown it’s perfectly serviceable, and the pink is a pleasant shade. Sadly for Steinfeld, we’ve already seen better, and in the shadow of its red counterpart, certain details start to come into focus. With so much of this sturdy silk, it starts to constrict and remove one’s proportions. The black lace gloves also feel like an afterthought, perhaps to add some sense of drama to an otherwise pedestrian silhouette.

Emily Blunt and John Krasinski

I’m not going to waste my time figuring out what Emily Blunt and John Krasinski wore because it’s bad, and I wish I didn’t need to spend this much time thinking about it. I’m at a wedding I wish I could leave and John is making a speech about how they met on a business trip in Singapore and really love to “laugh together,” which is a hobby for couples who would choose to get married in a converted barn at their favorite brewery because it's eclectic.

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez had an eventful night at the Golden Globes, after a video circulated of her huffing and puffing to Taylor Swift about not getting a photo with Timothée Chalamet. As she’s already fighting for her life against the “I’m not bothered by Kylie Jenner or Hailey Bieber” allegations, it feels in poor taste to pick apart this Armani dress. If I’m not careful, she might send at least 100 million of her definitely real Instagram followers after me in a protracted social media proxy war based on a shady comment about laminated eyebrows. Oh wait…

Jason Sudeikis

Has there ever been a more divorced looking man than Jason Sudeikis? I hate that women spend an inordinate amount of time getting ready — only to be picked apart by vultures like me — while ole Mr. Divorce gets to rock up in an H&M crew neck sweater and a brown suit. Justice for Olivia Wilde!

Ryan Gosling

Speaking of women who spend an inordinate amount of time in meetings with stylists and Chanel reps for a protracted, year long press tour: does Ryan Gosling ever get embarrassed that Margot Robbie is still dressed like Barbie while he sports whatever this is? The suit is fine! I’m not mad at the suit, but my god, would it kill men to have a little bit of fun?

Christina Ricci

I love Christina Ricci. Not only is she one of the best actresses on that carpet, she looked hot as hell. I’m not mad at the dress, and I’m not mad she chose to wear it. I’m mad, actually, at this glam. Come on, people! She’s paid a lot of money for your services. We’re gonna need some trimming on the curtain bangs and something other than a cut crease and smoky eye. You’re ruining her moment!

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