Maude Latour's 'Too Slow' Is a Vibrant Teenage Dream

Maude Latour's 'Too Slow' Is a Vibrant Teenage Dream

By Erica CampbellMar 29, 2024

Maude Latour’s video for “Too Slow” is a kinetic, girly trip into the teenage dream. Watch the video and check out exclusive backstage photos for PAPER, below. Packed with what the pop star tells us are signs of “serendipity, friendship and love languages” the video shoot was a dream project for Latour and something she's been dreaming up for a while. “This music video is one of my favorite things we’ve ever made,” she says. “It’s turned out like my wildest imagination.”

“Too Slow” is a giddy anthem about “getting ready to go nowhere with my friends,” according to Latour. With bright energy and a sing-a-long chorus are embodied in the visuals, as a group of friends lean into “freedom and ecstasy and movement."

“Making this video has been a dream,” Latour tells us. "'Too Slow' is a song about the utter joy of getting ready with your friends to do anything, and an imagined chaotic high school experience where everyone is their most electric, fullest self. Like all of my songs, there’s a subtle questioning of immortality and what we do in the face of our short life. 'Too Slow' is the start of my album, where I fully feel like I will never die."

The video is also filled with friends and features that reflect being comfortable in your own skin. “I had my friend Samantha, my freshman year randomly assigned college roommate (and most famously the muse for the creation of 'Too Slow') come to California for the video shoot,” she says. “She is a ballet dancer, so of course the video alluded to the years we spent in college as I watched her practice her elegant passion. Samantha choreographed my small dances during the video, putting to good use the years of pandemic quarantining together as she made up dances in our living room. This video is the epitome of those intertwined love languages — Sam making me comfortable in my own skin and body through all of these years, culminating in this gorgeous video filled with freedom and ecstasy and movement.”

Other players include Latour’s actual friend group (her “iconic” friend Georgia Bridgers, who she calls a “lesbian icon, influencer and Leo queen”) and NFL cheerleaders. “The cheerleaders in this music video volunteered their precious gifts because I ran into two of them, Jose and Brendan ,on the side of the street two years ago,” she says. “They were driving and recognized me as I walked down Melrose and pulled over. We hugged and gushed over the magical moment — little did we know two years later Brendan would remind me that he is an NFL cheerleader and it just so happened that my next song was literally about, well, cheer. I was so deeply moved by the cheerleaders' grace, athleticism, humility, professionalism and their sharing of their gifts to literally completely elevate the first chapter of my first album.”

Latour is about to head out on tour with Fletcher on her Fall 2024 tour, following a highly anticipated debut coming this summer. For now, she’s thrilled to share this first glimpse into her debut with her fans and friends. “I can't get over the way I look at my friends as they pile into the car just seven seconds into the video,” she says. “That exact look of knowing, loving, empowering connection is the epitome of the friendships that fuel my life and inspire my songs over and over.”

Photography: Adam Alonzo