Lazoschmidl Wants You to 'Taste the Forbidden Fruit'

Lazoschmidl Wants You to 'Taste the Forbidden Fruit'

BYJustin MoranMar 14, 2024

Swedish brand Lazoschmidl has always been at the forefront of sexual liberation in fashion, especially from a distinctively queer point-of-view. Now that the rest of the industry has largely caught up, it makes sense that the brand would shake the bottle once again. For Fall 2024, designers Josef Lazo and Andreas Schmidl presented a more conservative proposition for their menswear by looking to the past in order to dress the next generation.

A craftsman’s wardrobe — with distressed denim, classic workwear and uniforms — was given Lazoschmidl’s tongue-in-cheek, feminine twist through ruffles or Swarovski crystals. The collection is called “To Us,” as an ode to “artists and expressionists,” while also nodding to our self-obsessed society (several pieces are printed with the words “Living Sculpture,” for example). Messaging like “Taste the Forbidden Fruit” with mushroom prints or "Sildenafil" hoodies call back to Lazoschmidl’s provocative brand DNA.

Below, the designers tell PAPER more about mushrooms, pinkwashing and the future of fashion.

Tell us about the name, "To Us." How does it speak to the collection?

“To Us” refers to the community of like-minded artists and expressionists, but it also is a reflection and celebration of ourselves. The continuity and sincerity behind Lazoschmidl. A reflection of our thoughts and the collection making from its beginnings to today.

What does it mean to be a "living sculpture"? Aren’t we all kind of like living sculptures in the image-obsessed, selfie era?

Exactly, we are all selfie artists.

You’ve created a new wardrobe, inspired by the past, to be worn on the next generation. What elements of history did you incorporate?

The hands-on workwear elements — overalls, distressed denim — interested us most, but also the aspects of representative workwear in terms of business suits. We see the world of craft and self-representation melting in an entrepreneurial, you-can-do-it-all, we-are-all-CEOs-of-our-lives environment.

What's your wildest mushroom experience?

Risotto with hand-picked chanterelle mushrooms from the Swedish woods.

Are you optimistic about the future of fashion?

Fashion has found its place in the lives of people. Clothing has become more dominant in that aspect, as wearability reigns more and more. As a format of self-expression, it has pathed the way. Now we can all relax wearing what and how we feel, any day anew.

What media were you consuming when designing these clothes?

In regards to designing, our media consumption is zero.

Do you consider public response or reaction when creating collections?

We’re designing for us, “To Us.” It’s a feeling, not a marketing strategy.

How have you seen queerness evolve within your brand and with the world's response to overtly queer fashion since launching LAZOSCHMIDL?

Pinkwashing has ejaculated all over us. Queerness is an intrinsic element of our design and cultural reflection and identity, nothing to be put on a label.

Photos courtesy of Lazoschmidl