Backstage in Barcelona With Dominnico

Backstage in Barcelona With Dominnico

By Andrew NguyenApr 22, 2024

Earlier in April was 080 Barcelona Fashion — the city's 33rd edition of its fashion week featuring both established and emerging designers in Catalonia. Showing again this season was creative director Domingo Rodríguez Lázaro of Dominnico, whose clothes have been worn by Rosalía, Lady Gaga and most recently, Beyoncé for her Renaissance-era promo.

For Fall 2024, Lázaro explored the marine world through design elements like lace, rivets, eyelets and metallic pieces, ribbons and artificial hair on garments made of recycled denim, leather and fur, corduroy, vinyls and rolled gold and silver. It was all a little bit slutty, a little bit maritime, a little bit balletcore and a little bit hardcore.

PAPER caught up with Dominnico in Barcelona to talk about what the brand has been up to since we last spoke, creative challenges and queer culture in Barcelona.

How has the brand evolved since we last talked to you?

Dominnico has evolved in many ways since we last talked with PAPER. Our aesthetic codes have strengthened, not only in the style or construction of the garments, but also in the freedom of who and how they represent us. The metallic logo that we incorporated for the first time in the "NENNE" collection is now one of our most recognizable and valued symbols by our customers.

Are there some specific moments that you're proud of?

I would highlight having collaborated with Beyoncé’s Renaissance era and, among all things, I’m so proud of the Dominnico community getting bigger and seeing our international clientele growing.

What was the inspiration behind this collection?

The Dominnico aesthetic returns as the starting point for the brand's proposal for the Winter 24 collection, "HOOK." Using the best-selling silhouettes of the house, we approached this new collection from an eclectic and embellished perspective, where the marine world is represented through elements such as lace, rivets, eyelets, metallic pieces, bows and the incorporation of faux fur. Among the highlighted materials are denim, recycled leather and fur, corduroy, gold and silver laminate and vinyl.

Were there some new pieces and silhouettes that you introduced ?

I loved incorporating the boat neckline and the scarf tops and being able to work with fabric, leather and recycled denim with a slashed and tie dye effect.

How did you push yourself creatively for this collection?

This has been quite a stressful collection to make, to be completely honest. We presented our pre-fall collection in February, so we had a month and a half to build the winter collection from scratch, and we are so happy of how it turned out. We have been able to investigate garments and patterns that were new to us — headpieces by Hugo Fernández and prints and menswear by Aleix Moyano from Ccelestica.

Tell me all about the casting!

The casting was an absolute dream! We had friends of the brand and celebrities from transgressive Spanish culture: Samantha Hudson, international Drag Race star Arantxa Castilla-La Mancha, fashion insider Clara Courel, actress Alex de la Croix and the artist Sonora, who also created the mix for the show.

What makes you and Barcelona Fashion Week unique from the other fashion weeks around the world?

I think Barcelona Fashion Week is a platform that gives room for brands with their own identity, wild spirit and a desire to break into the international scene. In my case, I couldn't be showing my collections anywhere else at the moment.

What is queer culture like in Barcelona? And how do you fit into it?

Barcelona has always been an open and international city. I will always remember how I felt when I first moved here: I was 18 and felt like I could finally be myself, exploring the fun parts of life, going out, having fun expressing myself and meeting inspiring people. That’s something Barcelona can do for the queer community. This city has great queer bars and parties that create safe spaces for everyone to be themselves, as well as festivals and events happening throughout the year that bring together people from different cultures and backgrounds. Right now, I don’t have much time to enjoy everything the city has to offer as I work a quite a lot, and every time I have some days off, I'd rather go back to my family and rest on the countryside.

Photography: Lucas de Oliveiro