Swae Lee Celebrates HUGO Blue Launch in Berlin

Swae Lee Celebrates HUGO Blue Launch in Berlin

Mar 12, 2024

If there’s one brand that can bring thousands of international guests under one roof in Berlin, it’s HUGO. For the launch of their new HUGO Blue line, which focuses on casualwear for Gen-Z customers, Germany’s capital became host to a massive warehouse party. Naturally, the color of the night was blue: Blue cocktails, blue lights and head-to-toe HUGO Blue outfits worn by influencers flown in from around the world. Prior to the event, rumors swirled that Berghain Bouncer Sven Marquardt would be stopping by, having apparently worked at Hugo Boss in his life. Although I never laid eyes on the tattooed legend myself, I wouldn’t be surprised if he did make it: the space was packed wall-to-wall.

HUGO Creative Director Marco Falcioni developed HUGO Blue with this ubiquity in mind, featuring gender-neutral separates to be adopted in everyday life. Denim is at the core of Falcioni’s vision, with additional knitwear, outerwear and accessories to be styled together. The baggy jeans are an immediate wardrobe staple, available in several different washes; then, there’s HUGO’s take on logomania, with “HUGO” repeated on tops and printed boldly across the front of bottoms; HUGO Blue’s logo, a graphic smiley face, also appears throughout to “channel a positive message,” according to Falcioni.

Once inside the launch party, guests were invited to customize their HUGO Blue, either with paint splatters, piercings or colorful patches. A giant cage-like tower with multiple levels and layered LED screens stood at the center of it all, showcasing DJ Adam Port (of Keinemusik) playing his set from high above the room. This is where Swae Lee performed live on stage, wearing HUGO Blue and working through all his biggest hits, from “Sunflower” to “No Type.” He swung from the railings, took shots with everyone and watched as TikTokers formed dance circles in the crowd to his music. Elsewhere, German rapper Reezy and Top Boy actor Jasmine Jobson made appearances, alongside names like Jordyn Jones, Perris Howard and Alani Figueroa.

This entire experience was mirrored in an exclusive HUGO Blue world on Roblox (with its 70 million daily users), called PLANET HUGO. If you weren’t lucky enough to attend the event physically on March 6, you could still at least immerse yourself in the metaverse between two 3D environments — HUGO HANGOUT and HUGO FASHION MATCH — all while wearing HUGO Blue digital wearables. Considering Falcioni’s desire to reach a wider, younger audience through this line, Roblox seems like the perfect avenue. Maybe in the future, we’ll all be matching our avatars in denim HUGO Blue fits.

Photos courtesy of HUGO Blue