The Alluring and Mysterious Domestic Life of 'Vesuvia'

The Alluring and Mysterious Domestic Life of 'Vesuvia'

Story by Andrew Nguyen / Photography by Lera Polivanova / Styling by Domenico Scialò
Mar 25, 2024

Behind closed doors, life at home looks different for every person, and maybe that life is even a bit secretive. In "Vesuvia," photographer Lera Polivanova and creative director and stylist Domenico Scialò explore life at home and all its mysteries.

The home in questions also happens to be a mansion from the Bourbon Kingdom of Naples, Italy, built in the 1700s. "We set out to blend the majestic aura of the historical setting with a deep dive into the complexities of human relationships within the domestic sphere," Scialò tells PAPER. "This fusion enabled us to unveil the dual facets of domestic life — its cozy comforts juxtaposed with its hidden vulnerabilities."

In the photography, styling and set design, the creative team hoped to capture all the emotions within these domestic realms, between warmth and tension and introspection. Scialò adds: "Through our creative endeavors, we aimed to ignite a spark within our audience, inspiring them to unravel the intricate tapestry of human connections nestled within the confines of the house."

See the alluring world of "Vesuvia," below.

Photography: Lera Polivanova
Creative direction and styling: Domenico Scialò
Hair and makeup: Federica Di Dato
Models: Vanessa Esposito and Andrea De Luca at @thelabmodels
assistant: Caterina Colapietro
Styling assistant:
Chiara Brandizzi