The Standard's Women's Month DJs Invite You to 'Get Weird'

The Standard's Women's Month DJs Invite You to 'Get Weird'

Mar 26, 2024

From a rapper’s grandiose penthouse delight to the sleaziest dive bars spinning vinyl, PAPER is giving you a first-hand look into the Big Apple’s most hype-worthy music experiences in Seriously, What Are You Doing?— straight from the music editor's mouth. Are you or someone you love feeling restless in the city that never sleeps? Here’s what you should be doing (seriously!).

Smack dab in the middle of one of music’s most historic neighborhoods, The East Village’s Standard Hotel is a cultural sweet spot. With comfy rooms, a penthouse that’s hosted countless musicians and even an in-room video series called “Sounds from a Room” highlighting acts like Olly Alexander, TV On The Radio and Steve Lacy, they’ve never shied away from amplifying their love of music.

This month, the 21-story boutique hotel is taking its dedication to sound even further with their Women’s Music Month programming, creating a lineup of all-women DJs to plug into the sound system of their bar, NO BAR, all month long. The lineup includes NYC-bred acts like Mellow Domingo, Luna Rósa, Ultra Violet, Bodega Party and more.

“When you get asked to DJ as a queer black woman, there are already expectations about your sound, your look, and the crowd you will bring,” Gabrielle Alias — who spins as Gabalicious and brought her unique taste and sonics to NO BAR this month — tells PAPER. “Being a resident at NO BAR has solidified a feeling of trust between the venue and myself to curate a monthly party that reflects a real New York City community. A community that reflects travelers, transplants, New Yorkers, everyone.”

Last Friday, PAPER witnessed The Standard, East Village’s reflection of NYC first-hand. NO BAR was pulsing to a steady, staggering booming beat, with Luna Rosa spinning and pushing hotel guests to get their move on while sipping cocktails.

“To complement the lineup, we’re also donating a portion of proceeds from our 'Like a Boss' cocktail that features female-owned spirit brand, Yola Mezcal, to the Women’s Prison Association, a non-profit that transforms the lives of women who have been impacted by incarceration,” the hotel tells us. “Guests can also drop off toiletries and feminine hygiene products at the front desk as additional donations.”

That night was just a taste of what guests and revelers can experience all month long. “The DJs featured are those we have long-standing relationships with, so booking them was a no-brainer,” a rep from The Standard, East Village tells us. “About half are recommended from our existing roster for talent partnerships that are newer to us. Our DJs are always quick to uplift other female creatives in their circles.” They also tell us that if you miss out on this month’s programming, there's plenty more in the future. “We’re excited to continue highlighting the work of incredible female talent beyond Women’s History Month."

Alias’ plans are similar to The Standard’s; she tells us that it’s important to not only highlight her community during March but every single day. “This community aspect of music is so commonly fostered by female and queer DJs,” she says. “We’re constantly trying to make the set better, the people happier and the venue safer. It’s what we want for ourselves, and sharing that with others creates a space of safety and an invitation to ‘get weird.’ That’s why it’s so important to include us in the lineups!”

Before checking out, PAPER asks if the month-long celebration will make its way back next year. "We hope so!” The Standard says. “The Standard, East Village holds a vibrant energy and is an immersive hub for creatives of all backgrounds. There’s always an exciting roster of community programming to echo the spirit of the neighborhood.”

Photography: Owen Warren, Aryanna Alexa