horsegiirL's Hayfever Dance Party Spreads to the Big Apple

horsegiirL's Hayfever Dance Party Spreads to the Big Apple

By Erica CampbellApr 04, 2024

The idea for "Hayfever," the party tour hosted by masked German DJ horsegiirL (or Stella, as she’s known back home) came to her in a dream a year ago. “In my dream I saw all farmies happily united in dance and play,” she tells PAPER. “Apples rained down from the sky, landing on a soft bed of hay and the air was filled with the smell of freshly cut grass. Gigantic flowers grew out of the ground, their smell poignant and lulling. The music, pulsating around us, played by the finest underground DJs, made it impossible to resist movement. Some might say we caught... Hayfever.”

When she woke up abruptly, she knew the vision had been sent to her by a higher power, beckoning her to create that lavish dreamland on earth. “Hayfever was born,” she says. “First in London, then Sydney and Melbourne and most recently the Big Apple, New York.” Taking place at Brooklyn hotspot Elsewhere last month, horsegiirL transformed the venue into “a safe haven for all farmies.”

With the goal of creating a place for self-expression where fans could “laugh, love and neigh” to booming beats, horsegiirL brought her dream to life. The only remaining question, from the horse’s mouth? “What city will the calling point me to next?”

Speaking of next: tomorrow, horsegiirL will release her latest single, “Obsessed.” Produced by A.G. Cook and Tom Demac, the song spirals up slowly before exploding into powerful thumping under the lyrical admission: “I’m obsessed with you lately.”

Below, check out photos of fans (aka farmies) from Hayfever’s New York City stop, as they came out to “gallop with each other for an unforgettable night of joy and acceptance.”

Photography: Val