A Blatant Barb Affair at Silencio

A Blatant Barb Affair at Silencio

Apr 02, 2024

This Saturday, the Barbs migrated in full force from Madison Square Garden to Hell’s Kitchen for Nicki Minaj’s Gag City Tour after party. Just a stone throw away from Times Square, the after party took place at Silencio, the chic Parisian club that just opened its velvety New York location.

Though the Barbs were decked out in pink, the color scheme of Silencio wasn’t too far off. The David Lynch-inspired space is a minimalistic vision in red, with haunting booths and carpet that make you feel like you’ve been transported directly into Twin Peaks. The Pink Friday 2 tour has been a cathartic moment for Minaj fans, with viral bits like the rapper angrily stealing back the mic from tone-deaf fans who attempt to sing her riffs. It’s a direct interaction with the Queen of Rap that’s been long overdue for stans and a monumental, pleasing production all around.

In that sense, an after party like this was needed to process the high of post-concert madness. Hosted by celebrity fashion archivist Landon’s Archive and featuring beats by Minaj’s right-hand tour man DJ Boof, the event was an elusive and integral communion of Gag City residents, barbs and revelers alike.

Photos courtesy of Eva Sakellarides (for Silencio)