DJ Mia Moretti Brings BFF Katy Perry to Coachella

DJ Mia Moretti Brings BFF Katy Perry to Coachella

By Erica CampbellApr 16, 2024

"Hey, I'm Mia Moretti, and I'm backstage at Do Lab, at Coachella with PAPER magazine, you know it!" the DJ tells us into the mic in her boho-style green room cabana. "Best DJ of the year, PAPER magazine... look it up what year!" she adds. We did, it was 2010, but the passing of time hasn't gotten in the way of Moretti's domination over the tables. Moretti recently dropped a fresh single, "I Need Some Money:" a fresh spin on a vintage track with a new, modern, bouncy beat. "That is the name of the single," she says. "I also might need some money," she jokes. "It came out on Friday, it is with Chicco and me. He's from South Africa, and the song originally came out in 1986. Go check it out!"

When asked who she was most excited to see on this year's lineup, the answer was close to home. "I'm mostly excited to play Coachella. I think this is my 10th year coming and I've never played." Not only will this year be different for Moretti now that she's moved from goer to performer, but she's also excited about changes to the 2024 version of the festival in general. "They opened it up," she says. "Coachella feels like it has every genre now. Dance music has become so big. They have the new Quasar stage with long format three-hour sets, which is amazing and so new for Coachella. I'll definitely be there every night."

Moretti was also excited to tell her fans that she'd been in the studio all week, working on something new. "I was actually in pioneer town, which is only a skip and a hop over from Coachella with DJ Minx... so there might be an EP coming out. If you don't know her, check her out. She's a goddess, she's an icon, she's the original house techno queen from Detroit."

Before we left, we had to know: what was the last text Moretti had sent? Who was it to and what did it say? "The last text I sent was to Katy Perry and I said, 'Girl, are you gonna make this show?'" And you know what, she did. Wearing one of Moretti's custom bikini t-shirt designs from her festival merch, Perry joined her on stage for her set, boosting up her bestie's performance and helping the DJ shoot faux dollar bills from a money gun, and reminding everyone at Coachella of the importance of BFF goals.

Photography: Jamie Rosenberg