cumgirl8 Get Rebellious in Texas

cumgirl8 Get Rebellious in Texas

By Tobias HessMar 26, 2024

cumgirl8 only knows how to do things one way, and that’s their way.

The New York-based post-punk quartet, known for their colorful style and gritty sound, is equally regarded for being outspoken on social issues. That’s why they had to carefully decide how to approach playing SXSW this year. In recent weeks, the mainstay fest has come under increased scrutiny for its exploitation of performers and, amidst the US-funded war in Gaza, its deepening relationship with the U.S. military. Instead of averting the festival completely, cumgirl8 entered the fray head-on and made their presence felt by dropping out of official SXSW shows, instead only performing at unofficial SXSW events. Moshing at a show while waving a Palestinian flag and attending a protest demanding that “war profiteers stay out of music,” cumgirl8 rallied fans and fellow musicians.

It’s that energy of righteous rebellion that has made cumgirl8 one of the most exciting acts releasing music today. Making their name playing chaotic underground shows around the globe, cumgirl8 is that rare act that melds the sweat of performance with the immediacy of a headphones-on experience. That can be felt in their new song “glasshour.” A twisting churn of drums, synth and guitar, the song moves like a looming threat, the last few grains of sand falling into the hourglass. “Don’t think you can turn a blind eye to the things you’ve done,” it begins before a wash of guitar and fuzz overtakes.

We always want to know what the NYC four-piece is up to, so cumgirl8 took PAPER on the road, documenting a sometimes chaotic, sometimes infuriating, always cumgirl8 stint in Austin. Though it was marked by highs and lows — the bliss of performance, the outrage of corporate injustice — we’re thankful the band was there to tell us this story via an exclusive tour diary.

[Really] hard to decide the "right" thing to do so we made a fucking meme and asked our fans. After talking with each other for about 22 hours, decided to go down to protest in person.

Our manager, party slut Pritney.

Mango from our fav band mirrored fatality.

Avi slaps the bag.

Photography: Pinelopi Gerasimou