G Flip Drums Up Momentum at Hangout Fest

G Flip Drums Up Momentum at Hangout Fest

By Joan SummersApr 22, 2024

G Flip is back in the studio.

The drum maestro calls me from Nashville, where they’ve just started out recording their third album. “When you're at the beginning stages, it's like, wow, what direction could we go from here? I just like so much music, so many different genres.” Nashville isn’t the worst place to record for a musician, I joke. “I've never seen so many people walking around holding a guitar case. Everywhere you go, there's some other fuckers holding a guitar case.”

Fresh off six ARIA nominations, two of which they won, G Flip is set for another big year of touring and recording. “It's been so much fun. I love touring. I meet some of my friends who are artists and just don't enjoy it. Because it is tough, you know, there's no structure to it.” Still, they tell me: “It is a bit of a grueling process, but I just love it. It's always what I wanted to do. When I was a session drummer before I was a solo artist, it was all I wanted to do, just be a touring musician.”

One of their stops is at this year’s Hangout Music Festival. “I have been down that way, and honestly, I can't wait to be back. I hope the weather's amazing and sunny.”

G also hopes they can “go in the water and just have a good little beachy time” since the three-day festival is situated on the white sand beaches of Gulf Shores, Alabama.

Any acts they’re excited to catch? “My mates, The Beaches, are playing, so they're awesome, and we're also doing a co-headline show together a few days after Hangout... who else is on the lineup? My best mate is a massive Zach Bryan fan. I should check that out.”

Though there’s a stacked lineup to enjoy, for G it’ll nearly be impossible to see all the acts they want to catch. “It's another downfall of being on tour and doing festivals. Sometimes you don't get to stay for the three days because you've got a show the next day.” They pause, and ask: “I'm pretty sure Renee Rapp’s on this lineup too?” She is. “Renee, the vocals on her... she's insane. But yeah, there's heaps of acts to see. Hopefully, I get to stick around and see a few and not have to jump off to the next spot.”

Back to the new album. I note that in various interviews I’ve read, it seems like people are still surprised that G plays the drums and sings, and wonder out loud why that is. “I think it's novel, just because there's not many people doing it. I guess everything comes back to representation.” They point out other singing drummers. “We've got Anderson .Paak, Phil Collins, Karen Carpenter back in the day. But right now, I guess someone in the pop world doing it feels a little bit niche. It's not as many people doing it.” Will drums be a fixture of this third album like they were on Drummer? “I think the drums will always be present, just because it's my first instrument and it's such a big part of my show. I'm singing behind the kit when I perform and drums are always going to be such a thing for me.”

With those six ARIA nominations, two wins for Drummer and a stacked touring schedule, including Hangout in May, I ask G how it feels to be a stage of their career with this much momentum behind them. “Last year was such a crazy year for me, and I just can't believe it. The six nominations for the ARIAs, which are like the Australian Grammys, was crazy. I was very emotional. I cried a lot.” The lingering wonder in their voice is evident while they recount the experience. “It was such a crazy year last year, one of the best years of my whole life, and it was so much fun. I just want to keep making great music”

Alongside that momentum, of course, is their new marriage to Selling Sunset star Chrishell Stause. In the studio, musicians mostly have control of their image, and how they present themselves to the world. Does it ever get difficult being in an environment like a Netflix show, where some of that control is let go? “It comes with everyone having their judgments, especially the way social media is set up these days. Everyone can comment on anything about your life. That's come with a lot of crazy comments, but, as long as me and Chrishell are good and we're strong, nothing really fazes us.”

For any stray negativity, however, G says they experience nothing but love from their fans, who they hope will be in attendance at the festival. “I love my fan base. My fan base is so supportive. I swear, they get behind me, and they got me number two in the Hottest 100 in Australia, and that's just a fan-voted thing. They’ve really given me the most beautiful life.”

You can catch G Flip, alongside headliners Zach Bryan, Lana Del Rey, Odesza, and more at Hangout Fest, May 17-19. Find schedules, tickets, and more here, alongside a list of acts below.

Photography: Callum Walker Hutchinson, Nazrin Massaro