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Friday, July 25, 2014
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Morgan Freeman On Helium Is the Best

Morgan Freeman On Helium Is the Best
Morgan Freeman went on the Tonight Show last night and Jimmy Fallon convinced him to do an interview while on helium. We'd still let him narrate the March of the Penguins. [via Tonight Show] Your deeply weird Internet zen...… Read Full Story

The 12 Biggest Cliches of Life Today

Life today is full of clichés -- but even that sounds like a cliché! There's just no avoiding the parade of banal obviousness, so let me name the 12 most prevalent -- and offensive -- examples, then duck under the... Read Full Story

"They're Basics. I Pray for Them:" A Chat with Internet Sensation Baddie Winkle

By now you're likely familiar with Baddie Winkle, the octogenarian social media superstar who popped up like a trill daisy on Twitter and Instagram this April, delighting the Internet with her streetwear, pot-leaf socks and sassy captions. Since then,... Read Full Story

Lily Allen's New Video Is One Big Ode to Glastonbury Festival

Our cover girl Lily Allen's latest video for the Sheezus single, "As Long As I Got You," is a colorful ode to the Glastonbury Festival, which is fitting since the singer tells us in the clip that she's been attending... Read Full Story

Beyoncé's New Stripped Down Version of "Crazy In Love" from the Fifty Shades Trailer Is So, So Good

Our takeaways from the brand new Fifty Shades of Grey trailer? Jamie Dornan is really, really good at that smoldering, Patrick Bateman-esque stare (but looks better with a beard), there's a scene-stealing jazz poster, and Beyoncé's sinister, slowed-down version... Read Full Story

Willie Nelson Talks to Designer John Varvatos About Music, Nudie Suits and Trigger -- Nelson's Trusty Geetar

Willie Nelson catches up with John Varvatos aboard the Honeysuckle Rose"Willie would like to see you on his bus now." For a country music fan, those words are the equivalent of inviting a Trekkie to spend time with Captain Kirk... Read Full Story

The Range Shares His Pitchfork Tour Diary

Throughout the summer, we're following around some of our favorite bands and DJs as they head out on tour. In each installment, these road dogs will be sharing a photo diary and sharing stories about what they do, see,... Read Full Story

This Kid Has Got His 'Hater Blockers' On, Y'all

Brandon's got his hater blockers on and he's about to enter DGAFland. [via The Clearly Dope] This clip of a little girl and her dad performing a choreographed dance routine to Ariana Grande's "Problem" is the best. [via Tastefully... Read Full Story

Robin Thicke's Acting Debut Is As Terrible As You Would Expect It to Be

Hats off to Vulture who dredged up Robin Thicke's acting debut from the far corners of on-demand programming. Back in 2012, a full year before Thicke would find success (and notoreity) with "Blurred Lines" and two years before he'd... Read Full Story

Scope Vintage Photos of '60s and '70s-Era Celebs From a New Art Book

Jack Nicholson and Anjelica HustonJack and Anjelica in their skivvies. Babs in her iconic Scaasi suit. Iggy Pop sweaty and in a speedo. All these images and more appear in photographer Julian Wasser's recently-released art book, The Way We... Read Full Story