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Wednesday, May 27, 2015
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Watch Jenny Lewis Exorcise Her Past With Some Help From Her Friends

Watch Jenny Lewis Exorcise Her Past With Some Help From Her Friends
Before she was in Rilo Kiley or had her own successful solo music career, Jenny Lewis was a successful child actor, appearing in, among other things, Pleasantville, The Golden Girls, and Lucille Ball's last sitcom. Now, in the music video...… Read Full Story

Holly Miranda Heads to the Circus In "All I Want Is To Be Your Girl"

Taking place in a desert-set carnival with real circus performers, Holly Miranda's latest music video -- and the track that it supports -- marks a transformation for the musician. The buoyant pop on "All I Want Is To Be... Read Full Story

Disclosure Premiere "Holding On," the First Single Off Their Sophomore Album

The Lawrence brothers -- AKA Disclosure -- are back with a brand new track, "Holding On." The first single off of their much-anticipated (and as-yet-untitled) sophomore album, "Holding On" features vocals from Grammy Award-winning jazz singer, Gregory Porter. And... Read Full Story
tv Miley Cyrus' Tweet Got a Netflix Show Renewed (Kinda)

Miley Cyrus' Tweet Got a Netflix Show Renewed (Kinda)

Netflix's Grace and Frankie, which stars Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda (in an almost-9 to 5 reunion) as frenemies forced to support each other when their husbands (Sam Waterston and Martin Sheen) come out as gay and plan on marrying,... Read Full Story

Cher Stars In the New Marc Jacobs Campaign

Cher in the new Marc Jacobs ad by David Sims as seen in WWD today A photo posted by Katie Eleanor Grand (@kegrand) on May 27, 2015 at 4:58am PDT Even the most cynical fashion people let loose a... Read Full Story

Decide if Jason Segel Makes a Convincing David Foster Wallace in the Trailer for "The End of the Tour"

Biopics are, generally speaking, bad. At their best, they don't really attempt to dramatize the life of their subjects, instead using historical events as a lens for an independently gripping story and clearly signalling an interpretation of a real person,... Read Full Story

Watch Mick Jenkins' Hypnotic New Slow-Motion Video for "P's & Q's"

If the last few years were any indication, Chicago would basically be out of young, promising rappers. Pretty much everywhere you look, there's a Chicago MC making moves, whether's any of the members of Save Money (Chance the Rapper, Vic... Read Full Story

Shamir's Call It Off Relationship Hotline Is Live!

Earlier this year, XL darling/Muppet extra Shamir announced a love advice hotline, bluntly named "Call It Off" in honor of his eponymous single. And earlier today a video of a few of those responses finally surfaced.Highlights of this edition include... Read Full Story

Justin Bieber Covers Boyz II Men -- In a Fedora

Justin Bieber's recent campaign to rehabilitate his image, and maybe go back to being considered some kind of actual pop star instead of a global joke, has had its ups and downs. Sure, his car karaoke with James Corden... Read Full Story

WTF Is Kylie Jenner Talking About? We Break Down the Chemtrail Conspiracy Theory

[Photo via Instagram]If you follow Kylie Jenner on Twitter, you might have noticed something odd pop up in your feed yesterday evening. It was a photo, presented without comment or context, of airplane contrails -- that cloud-like vapor formed in... Read Full Story