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Tuesday, June 30, 2015
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Model Crush Monday: Sam Lever

Model Crush Monday: Sam Lever
Welcome back to our Model Crush Monday column! This week we are featuring RED Model's etherial Sam Lever. With youthful boyish features and piercing eyes Sam ads another dimension to our growing list of featured #MCMs. Dressed from head to...… Read Full Story

Hood By Air Continues the Child-Oriented Taboo Trend With Fetishistic Pacifiers & More

First it was the My Little Pony peens, now it's all about the fetishistic pacifiers, thanks to Hood By Air's blockbuster SS16 fashion show yesterday, which took place in front of the legendary Philharmonie de Paris. Titled "Galvanize," this collection is a... Read Full Story

Amy Schumer Defends Herself Against Accusations She Has a "Large Blind Spot Around Race"

The Amy Schumer "backlash" -- or, at least, a harder look at her after what felt like months in which the comedian could do no wrong -- is real. With sketch after sketch on her show being picked up and... Read Full Story

Wino Forever: Winona Ryder Is Another New Face of Marc Jacobs's Campaign

As if you weren't already dying a little re: Cher and Willow Smith's respective castings, the Marc Jacobs's Fall/Winter 2015 campaign has just unveiled a brand new face -- and it's none other than longtime friend/90s icon Winona Ryder.Channeling a... Read Full Story
Scenes from The Culture Whore and Factory Girls'

Scenes from The Culture Whore and Factory Girls' "O @ S 1 S" Pride Party

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Watch the Heartbreaking Trailer for a New Chris Farley Documentary

In the past few months, we've seen the release of several documentaries about stars who died young -- the Amy Winehouse doc, the Kurt Cobain doc, and now the Chris Farley doc. The trailer for I am Chris Farley, which... Read Full Story

Nine Living Music Legends Talk to Us About the Causes They Believe In and the Worlds They Envision

Get ready to get inspired.The National's Bryce and Aaron Dessner ★ Imagine Dragons ★ Joan Jett ★ Quincy Jones ★ Angélique Kidjo ★ Duff McKagan ★ Alanis Morissette ★ Dolly Parton ★ Russell Simmons... Read Full Story
Scenes From the Pride Weekend Westgay Ft. Foxy Brown

Scenes From the Pride Weekend Westgay Ft. Foxy Brown

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Shia LaBeouf Accused of Plagiarizing (Again) on Viral "Freestyle"

Shia LaBeouf, noted artisté, Transformers actor and useful Chrome extension, can probably add "serial plagiarist" to his CV at this point, as he's (once again) been accused of plagiarizing a prominent underground rap crew in his newly-surfaced freestyle.Incomprehensible and painfully awkward for... Read Full Story

Is This You? Read This Missed Connection From the MoMA

(Photo by Andrew Tess)Last week, we ran photos from Yoko Ono's sunrise performance, MORNING PEACE 2015, at the MoMA. More like a (very) very early morning concert than art show, the event featured live performances by Ono and Blood Orange... Read Full Story