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Monday, May 4, 2015
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Here's the Britney Spears X Iggy Azalea Single We've Been Waiting For

Here's the Britney Spears X Iggy Azalea Single We've Been Waiting For
On the heels of Britney Spears sharing with us the ten things that make her happy, we get a first listen to her new track with Iggy Azalea, "Pretty Girls." Though Britney gets top billing, as other outlets have...… Read Full Story

2 Chainz Talks Legalization, Voting Rights & Fatherhood

At a glance, it may seem like there isn't a lot of room in the rap world for midlife crises. And yet Tauheed Epps -- the 37-year-old rap superstar better known as 2 Chainz -- has found himself at a... Read Full Story

Hop Along Spins Anger Into Indie-rock Gold with "Powerful Man"

There can be anger in pop music," says Hop Along singer and guitarist Frances Quinlan. "In fact, anger is perfect for the vehicle of pop music. Who isn't angry today?"The anger in "Powerful Man," off the Philadelphia band's new... Read Full Story

Listen to "Diamonds," Giorgio Moroder's Sparkly New Single with Charli XCX

When we asked Giorgio Moroder if he preferred to collaborate with other musicians or work alone back in our September issue, he answered, "I trust easily. Most artists are perfectionists, so I know we'll share in that pleasure together." Indeed,... Read Full Story

Kanye Changed the Name of His New Album to "Swish"

Back in March, current Paper cover star Kanye West blessed the internet with its umpteenth Yeezy meme when he tweeted several photos of Kim Kardashian posing nude with the caption "SWISH!!" Kanye apparently liked the catchphrase so much, which is... Read Full Story

The Sunday Funnies

Marvel proves they know how to make superhero movies starring women by giving Black Widow her own movie. And it's a romantic comedy. [SNL] stfu. [Mlkshk] Allen even staples the packets for the presentation Allen's self because it's just... Read Full Story

Put Down Your Phone and Start Following RuPaul's Wellness Tips

RuPaul is one of the most iconic (and iconoclastic) figures in American culture today -- in addition to a cult singing career, several books, the juggernaut reality show RuPaul's Drag Race, and providing one of PAPER's best quotes of 2014,... Read Full Story

What Will the New Cambridge Princess Be Named?

With monarchists the world over rejoicing over the birth of a new little HRH to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge odds makers have gone into overdrive in attempts to pick the name for the little Princess. Paper editorial director... Read Full Story

Is A$AP Rocky About to Usher In a Trip-Hop Revival?

Rapper A$AP Rocky's new album At. Long. Last. ASAP, will be many things. It will, in large part, see the New York rapper mourning the death of his friend and business partner A$AP Yams. It will be released earlier than... Read Full Story

The Best, Worst and Weirdest of the Week

Coffee News of the Week: David Lynch's signature brand has a new ad, created by Andrew Parkhurst, that reminds us that coffee is not suitable for robot consumption. -- Evan Siegel Best Hilary Duff-Related News of the Week: Forget... Read Full Story