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Friday, December 19, 2014
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Sebastian Sommer is an Indie Filmaker Who's Bringing Internet Culture to the Big Screen

Sebastian Sommer is an Indie Filmaker Who's Bringing Internet Culture to the Big Screen
21-year-old Sebastian Sommer is an up-and-coming independent filmmaker who's more obsessed with the internet than traditional film. Like a true digital native -- one who is always tabbing between Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr -- his shorts focus on whatever interests...… Read Full Story

Snoop Dogg and His Son's New Reality Show Looks Amazing

Here's some facts you probably know about Snoop Dogg:1. He's a rap icon2. He likes weed. A lot. 3. He changed his name to 'Snoop Lion' for a time but has now changed it back.Now here's something you might not... Read Full Story
tv British Actors Doing Bad American Accents Is the Best

British Actors Doing Bad American Accents Is the Best

Back at the BAFTA Britannia Awards in October, BBC America Anglophenia host Siobhan Thompson asked British actors to do their best-worst American accents -- and made the same challenge to American actors -- and the results are pretty great.... Read Full Story

Just In Time for Cuffing Season, Miguel Released Some New Sex Music

>Current reigning King of Sex Music, Miguel, secretly dropped a new three-song EP last night just in time for "cuffing season." Still-untitled, the release features songs like "nwa" (featuring LA-based rapper, Kurupt), "hollywooddreams" and "coffee," which the singer previewed on... Read Full Story

The 7 Funniest Serial Memes

Serial's Season 1 finale aired yesterday, and we haven't seen such giddy exhaustion since Walter White revealed that Jesse Pinkman was actually his son, drawing to a close five seasons of Breaking Bad. Now that the record-breaking podcast is on... Read Full Story

100 Great GIfts for $100 or Less

1.  Art Baby beanie by Grace Miceli. $30 via Grace Miceli.  2. Nicki Minaj "Rose Pink Bundle," including a Pink Print t-shirt, poster, calendar and deluxe album. $100 via nickiminaj.shop3. Sad Girl Fan Club T-shirt by Adam J. Kurtz.... Read Full Story
art 9 New York-Based Street Artists to Watch

9 New York-Based Street Artists to Watch

Today, long after its evolution from subway vandalism to a beloved global art form, graffiti is a constant fixture of daily urban life, most of it as unremarkable as pigeons and dog shit. But there are exceptions to that rule:... Read Full Story

"Latkes & Blunts" and Other Hanukkah Songs We Wish Existed

This story was originally published on Decemeber 10, 2012Fun fact: We are suckers for holiday music. Maybe it's due to the fact that our mom used to crank up the holiday songs on Lite FM (thank you Delilah) starting weeks... Read Full Story

Why the Hottest Music Movement Right Now Is Being Spearheaded By Anonymous Producers

Deejay Deer album art for "Natur." (Photo via Numbers)Like a page from the Brothers Grimm, Deejay Deer's bio reads that the producer "was born and raised in the Bavarian wilderness and is to our knowledge the first forest dwelling... Read Full Story

Eight Performances That the Oscars Will Unjustly Overlook

Congrats to everyone who's getting deafening amounts of Oscar buzz. It must be such a grand feeling. Alas, there are others who are just as deserving who will be shut out for various unfortunate reasons. Here are my eight faves... Read Full Story