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Tuesday, July 22, 2014
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Listen to Banks' Poppier New Single, "Beggin' For Thread"

Listen to Banks' Poppier New Single,
We've had our eye on chanteuse Banks since we named her one of 10 women "leading a new movement in R&B" back in March, and we're pretty much pumped for her upcoming debut, Goddess, out August 9th.  Here we...… Read Full Story

Chris Pratt Is a Creepy Ambien Texter

The Guardians of the Galaxy cast was on Jimmy Kimmel last night and Chris Pratt told a story about ambien texting a creepy wrestling challenge to his WWE co-star. [Uproxx] Way-too-honest Abe. [Mlkshk] And people act like having kids... Read Full Story

Papermag Premiere: Cut Copy's "Believers"

When Cut Copy released their excellent fourth LP Free Your Mind last November, we described the album's sound as "like songs recorded by dudes tripping in another solar system." And now we get to bask in more of the album's... Read Full Story

Kanye West Has Always Been As Important As He Says He Is

Early-on cool might take some nowhere fast, but Kanye West is like that one kid who maintained the same peak levels of popularity from middle school and into adulthood -- basically, that guy in the yearbook who smirks for... Read Full Story

Robyn and Royksopp's "Do It Again" Video: An Ode to Rebels

Taking the concept of fighting for your right to party to unprecedented music video levels, here we get the dark new clip for Robyn and Royksopp's "Do it Again" by Danish director Martin de Thurah. The black and white... Read Full Story

The 7 Acts You've Gotta Know This Summer

Image: "Speaker Painting," by Stephen Sprouse from the Sprouse Family Archives. These seven fierce young acts are cherrypicking the hottest sounds of the last three decades and reworking them in bold, provocative and just plain bangin' new ways. Here... Read Full Story

Kids Reacting to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Will Make You Feel 1,000 Years Old

Kids react to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. We feel you, "And Splinter's kind of cute" girl. [TastefullyOffensive] True love. [Reddit] Say Anything 2014. [RatsOff] A fabulous supercut of kids cursing in movies. Eat shit and die, Ricky! [Uproxx] One... Read Full Story

Friday Superlatives: The Best, Worst and Weirdest of the Week

Most attention-hungry nipple: Lady Gaga'sEarlier this morning, Lady Gaga snapped a selfie to show off her vintage Mugler, but what she really exposed was her right nipple. Although we've all seen it about a dozen times by now, the Internet... Read Full Story

Casey Jane Ellison's "Touching the Art" Series Is, Like, Art

Art is an often dry and daunting topic to discuss, but comedian, "What the F*shion" host and vocal fried cult-leader Casey Jane Ellison tackles it with finesse in her hilarious new web series, "Touching the Art." In the series,... Read Full Story

"I wanted it to be like that scene in The Matrix where they're partying in Zion"

Throughout the summer, we're following around some of our favorite bands and DJs as they head out on tour. In each installment, these road dogs will be sharing a photo diary and sharing stories about what they do, see, and... Read Full Story