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Sunday, March 1, 2015
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The Best, Worst and Weirdest of the Week

The Best, Worst and Weirdest of the Week
Best Half-Vulcan/Half-Human...Ever: This guy. RIP Leonard Nimoy. -- James RickmanBiggest Win for #TeamTurtleneck of the Week: Kimye, sporting his-and-her turtlenecks. Everyone knows that true love is best expressed through matching, neck-friendly apparel. -- Gabby Bess(Photo by Matthu Placek, courtesy...… Read Full Story

What's the Deal With America's Fittest Couple?

While everyone's been obsessed with #TheDress, there's been another little meme-let circulating among certain corners of the Internet: America's Fittest Couple. Jon and Lyuda -- or AFC (as we'll heretofore call them) -- are a twentysomething couple who live in... Read Full Story

It Was Very Normal When John Travolta Kissed Scarlett Johansson, Says Scarlett Johansson

As was the case with last year's Oscars, this year's highlight was far and away John Travolta, who made it clear to viewers at home that, as a human man in the vicinity of human women, he just can't keep... Read Full Story

A$AP Rocky's Fashion Philosophy is Magical

A$AP Ferg might have the dopest runway walk in rap, but A$AP Rocky one ups his crew member in terms of fashion metaphors. In an interview with Complex, Rocky outlined his thoughts on personal style, noting the parallels between fashion... Read Full Story

"Everyone Has These Primal Desires:" A Chat With the Organizer of the NYC Porn Film Festival

Porn: everyone watches it, but no one wants to talk about it. It was with this basic premise in mind that UK-born, Brooklyn-based artist Simon Leahy put together New York's first-ever pornographic film festival, which is going down this weekend... Read Full Story

ICYMI: Kanye Apologized to Beck, Wants to Make Music with Bruno Mars

In the latest Kanye news, the almighty Yeezus extended an apology to Beck on Twitter. (Was it this peace-making mash-up that changed his mind or did he actually give Morning Phase a listen?) Kanye was feeling so generous last night... Read Full Story

The 5 Best Albums and 5 Best Songs This Month

February has been a super weird month for music: Dancing sharks, controversial guacamole recipes, you name it. But as far as stuff you can actually collect on your hard drive, things felt a little less... varied. That is, of course,... Read Full Story

Watch Iggy Izalea and Jennifer Hudson in "Trouble"

Iggy Izalea might not be tweeting anymore, but, like it or not, she's still making music. The former Paper cover girl teamed up with Jennifer Hudson for her new single, "Trouble" off Reclassifed, the reissue of her debut album, The... Read Full Story

Your Guide to #TheDress

It all started Wednesday when this photo of an arrestingly fugly dress was posted online by Tumblr user Swiked with the directive to determine its color: Was it white and gold or blue and black? For some looking at... Read Full Story

Watch Kanye's Epic Interview with Zane Lowe

If you thought Kanye West said all he needed to say in his sprawling Breakfast Club interview, you'd be wrong, naturally. Two years ago, West sat down with Zane Lowe for a devastatingly thorough three-part interview and now the two... Read Full Story