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Friday, December 19, 2014
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100 Great GIfts for $100 or Less

100 Great GIfts for $100 or Less
1.  Art Baby beanie by Grace Miceli. $30 via Grace Miceli.  2. Nicki Minaj "Rose Pink Bundle," including a Pink Print t-shirt, poster, calendar and deluxe album. $100 via nickiminaj.shop3. Sad Girl Fan Club T-shirt by Adam J. Kurtz....… Read Full Story
art 9 New York-Based Street Artists to Watch

9 New York-Based Street Artists to Watch

Today, long after its evolution from subway vandalism to a beloved global art form, graffiti is a constant fixture of daily urban life, most of it as unremarkable as pigeons and dog shit. But there are exceptions to that rule:... Read Full Story

"Latkes & Blunts" and Other Hanukkah Songs We Wish Existed

This story was originally published on Decemeber 10, 2012Fun fact: We are suckers for holiday music. Maybe it's due to the fact that our mom used to crank up the holiday songs on Lite FM (thank you Delilah) starting weeks... Read Full Story

Why the Hottest Music Movement Right Now Is Being Spearheaded By Anonymous Producers

Deejay Deer album art for "Natur." (Photo via Numbers)Like a page from the Brothers Grimm, Deejay Deer's bio reads that the producer "was born and raised in the Bavarian wilderness and is to our knowledge the first forest dwelling... Read Full Story

Eight Performances That the Oscars Will Unjustly Overlook

Congrats to everyone who's getting deafening amounts of Oscar buzz. It must be such a grand feeling. Alas, there are others who are just as deserving who will be shut out for various unfortunate reasons. Here are my eight faves... Read Full Story

This Future Islands Minidoc is the Perfect Sad-Piano 2014 Bookend

The fact that the Future Islands' brilliant Letterman appearance happened way back in early March is really driving home that whole "where the fuck did the year go?" feeling. Fortunately, a minidoc of the band just surfaced, shot and... Read Full Story
art 10 Must-See Art Shows Opening This Week

10 Must-See Art Shows Opening This Week

Ellie Rines' 55 Gansevoort Gallery (55 Gansevoort Street) premieres a new video by Jeanette Hayes tonight, December 17th, 6 to 8 p.m. The 30-minute clip titled "This American Life" is a compilation of moments recorded over the last three years... Read Full Story

"Unedited Footage Of a Bear" Is The Most Terrifying Thing You'll Watch All Week

Adult Swim's Infomercials, the series that brought us "Too Many Cooks," is back and more horrifying than ever. The new video they're airing at 4am to scare hapless, insomniac stoners is called "Unedited Footage of a Bear." And, á... Read Full Story

Spooky Black Changes His Name And Releases "Worn"

Spooky Black is dead! Long live Corbin! The teen R&B sensation out of Minnesota is now going by his own name -- he announced in a series of tweets -- and released a new song via Soundcloud yesterday. The track,... Read Full Story

Wiz Khalifa Turns Mac Demarco's "Chamber of Reflection" into an Ode to Weed

Mac Demarco's excellent track, "Chamber of Reflection," from this year's Salad Days has been given the Wiz Khalifa treatment. The result is "Smoke Chambers," a moody freestyle in which weed is Khalifa's only real friend. (We feel you, Wiz.) The... Read Full Story