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Tuesday, September 23, 2014
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Shia LaBeouf is Wearing Neon Spandex as Perfomance Art

Shia LaBeouf is Wearing Neon Spandex as Perfomance Art
We're honestly not sure if Shia LaBeouf is okay. Since he's stopped tweeting "I AM NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE," the former celebrity has been tweeting the definition of "flame" ("to burst forth with strong EMOTION"), doing the ice bucket challenge, and...… Read Full Story

Azealia Banks' New House Track Is the Start of Her Comeback

The past three years have been a long, strange trip for Azealia Banks. The former PAPER cover girl went from being one of rap's rising stars to one of Twitter's most prolific shit-starters whose debut album's countless delays made... Read Full Story

Ryan Hemsworth Goes Back To His Emo Roots For "Snow In Newark"

From the looks of it, the anti-DJ Ryan Hemsworth is over the EDM scene's party music focus. "Snow in Newark," featuring Mad Decent's Dawn Golden, is a sweet and quiet love song that laments the tour life. "It's about trying... Read Full Story

Kirsten Dunst Stars in Aspirational, A Hilarious Short That Slams Selfie-Culture

In the age of Instagram, it's not what you know or even who you know. What's really important is who you stop for in the middle of the road and force to take a selfie. In the case of... Read Full Story

Working and Serving at the 24th Annual Latex Ball

Sure, some mark the arrival of fall with Labor Day barbeques or  unpacking their sweaters from storage, but we officially welcome this time of year with the Latex Ball. The annual late-August affair from the Gay Men's Heath Crisis raises... Read Full Story

Print Publishing Isn't Dying

Surviving 30 years in the media space as an indie publication is a remarkable achievement under any circumstance, and it's even more noteworthy given the disruption that has taken place with the arrival of the Internet and the ensuing print crisis... Read Full Story

Kendrick Lamar's Back With Uplifting New Single, "i"

Kendrick Lamar dropped released his first new music since 2012 this morning. "i," the much-anticipated new single off his upcoming new album (which doesn't have a release date), is uncharacteristically positive and upbeat, sampling The Isley Brothers' "Who's That... Read Full Story

Ellen Added Herself Into Matthew McConaughey's Lincoln Commercial

Ellen added herself into Matthew McConaughey's cuckoo Lincoln commercial and it's a real treat. [via Ellen] Jimmy Kimmel went around asking people on the street who was smarter -- people from LA or people from New York. Their answers... Read Full Story
The Big Butt Book 3D Will Devour Us All

The Big Butt Book 3D Will Devour Us All

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Singer-Songwriter Lail Arad Wrote a Beautiful Love Letter to Leonard Cohen

UK singer-songwriter Lail Arad recently paid a visit to the PAPER kitchen to perform a few songs off her forthcoming, untitled sophomore album (out next year), and tell us a bit more about her music background and the inspirations behind... Read Full Story