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Tuesday, July 28, 2015
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Hell Yes: Macy Gray Wrote A Song About Her Vibrator

Hell Yes: Macy Gray Wrote A Song About Her Vibrator
Macy Gray has definitively solidified herself as The Graytest by writing an ode to her vibrator -- and the accompanying music video is almost orgasmically good.Her faithful beau is dubbed "B.O.B" or "Battery Operated Better," seeing as how he's not complicated,...… Read Full Story

The Converse Chuck II: The Same But New

<a href="http://adserver.adtechus.com/adlink|3.0|5151|2854850|0|16|ADTECH;AdId=7176527;BnId=-1;;loc=300" target="_blank"><img src="http://adserver.adtechus.com/adserv|3.0|5151|2854850|0|16|ADTECH;AdId=7176527;BnId=-1;;loc=300" border="0" width="1" height="1" / /></a> In third grade, three friends and I started our own gang: the Converse Cousins. We were the only ones at our school who hadn't gone in for the just-launched Air Jordans... Read Full Story

Jane Birkin to Hermes: Stop Using My Name On Your Crocodile Bag

English actress, singer, and style icon Jane Birkin has decided she's had enough of Hermès using her name on their famous handbag. Or, more specifically, she's decided she's had enough unless the French luxury brand puts an end to, in... Read Full Story

#FeelTheBern: Will Bernie Sanders Win/Lose Votes With Memes?

[Photo via]Everyone is "feeling the Bern" lately, especially the politically-charged youth who have found him to be the most conscious candidate when it comes to contemporary socio-economic issues. And it's these youngsters who have started inundating us with puntastic Bernie... Read Full Story

3 Artists You Need to Know Right Now

As a new generation grows up, the much-maligned millennials are coming into their own, embracing the power of the internet and social media to find new ways to make themselves heard. PAPER magazine and the new Converse Chuck Taylor... Read Full Story
sex Pornhub Says

Pornhub Says "Lesbian" Is the Term Its Female Viewers Search Most

Men have traditionally been mainstream porn's target demographic, but recent years have shown an increase in female traffic to adult sites -- and as the number of women viewers has grown, so has interest in their preferences. To better understand... Read Full Story
tv Bachelorette Recap 12: The Lesser of Two Evils

Bachelorette Recap 12: The Lesser of Two Evils

Hey, everyone! We did it. We've made it through the horrible premise on which this journey to find love was wrought (#tbt to Britt), umpteen instances of male entitlement, some run-of-the-mill slut-shaming and some very specific slut-shaming, a healthy dose... Read Full Story

Watch Jack Black, Morgan Freeman, Natasha Lyonne, and More Celebs Advocate for the Iran Deal

There is a long history of celebrities helping politicians shill -- and explain -- their positions and particular causes. Some of these are powerful, allowing for the distillation of complex issues into simple, striking terms, like this PSA speaking to... Read Full Story
Scenes from the Insane, Spray Paint-Splattered Launch of Converse's Chuck IIs

Scenes from the Insane, Spray Paint-Splattered Launch of Converse's Chuck IIs

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Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Kids with Our 1995 Feature on Chloe Sevigny

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the release of Larry Clark's seminal 1995 film Kids, an unflinching portrait of promiscuous, skateboarding New York City teenagers that was written by Harmony Korine and starred a cast of New York City kids... Read Full Story