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Friday, October 9, 2015
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Revolution Girl Style Forever: Tobi Vail and Kathi Wilcox On The Beginnings Of Bikini Kill

Revolution Girl Style Forever: Tobi Vail and Kathi Wilcox On The Beginnings Of Bikini Kill
Bikini Kill in the April 1992 issue of Paper In their seven years of existence, Riot Grrrl pioneers Bikini Kill inspired a generation of women to proudly declare themselves feminist and to then go about dismantling the patriarchy in the most DIY-fashion...… Read Full Story

The Trailer for the Coen Brothers' Hail, Caesar! is Finally Here

Legendary directors Joel and Ethan Coen are back with Hail, Caesar! The final film in their loose "George Clooney idiot trilogy" that also includes O Brother, Where Art Thou? and Burn After Reading, the film sends up classic Hollywood, with... Read Full Story
art Scope Fabulous Photos of 1970s-Era Pedestrians On Their Lunch Hour

Scope Fabulous Photos of 1970s-Era Pedestrians On Their Lunch Hour

Charles H. Traub's new book Lunchtime celebrates the fabulousness of workaday people. Comprised of images taken of passersby on the street at lunchtime in New York, Chicago and various European cities between 1977-1980, Taub's approach to spontaneous portraiture gets uncomfortably... Read Full Story

Watch This Inspiring Video Documenting One Trans Man's Transition

 Finally, a photo-a-day project that you won't hate -- in fact it's pretty inspiring, as this particular series documents the incredible journey of trans male Jamie Raines, who's taken a selfie everyday for the past three years to show the... Read Full Story

Talking "Soft Dick Rock" and Norway's Bible Belt With Jenny Hval

[Photo by Jenny Berger Myhre]By the end of her set Brooklyn's Rough Trade, Jenny Hval has fallen to the ground, beating her chest with the microphone. Forty minutes earlier, she had emerged onstage in a red wig and pajamas ("Annie... Read Full Story

Beyoncé's Dad Will Teach a Workshop on... Being Beyoncé?

Billboard reports that Bey's dad and former manager Matthew Knowles, who was fired from the team in 2011, is planning on teaching a workshop in Houston called "The Entertainment Industry: How Do I Get In?" Admittedly, Knowles does have the actual... Read Full Story

Someone Is Trying To Raise Money To Save Matt Damon From Mars

In what is perhaps the LOL-iest scam of all time, one Kyle Douglas M. is trying to raise $99 million dollars on GoFundMe in an attempt to "rescue Matt Damon from Mars" -- you know, seeing as how Damon's latest... Read Full Story

Troll My Friends: Is LCD Soundsystem Reuniting?

Beloved indie dance group LCD Soundsystem definitively broke up in 2011 after three albums with a series of shows at Madison Square Garden chronicled in both the live album The Long Goodbye and the documentary Shut Up and Play the... Read Full Story

Willow Smith And Chance the Rapper Just Interviewed Each Other

Willow Smith and Chance the Rapper, are two of the most creative and forward-thinking minds in their generation -- so it's no surprise that when they sat down to interview each other for FADER's Vitaminwater #uncapped series, sparks flew. TBH... Read Full Story

"It Me," You And Everyone We Know: A Look At The Web's Most Ambiguous Meme

it me pic.twitter.com/ywTxesKsiG-- Charlotte Zoller (@cz77) October 5, 2015 On the Internet in 2015 it's tacitly understood that we can trace most memes back to black people, that every couple of minutes a black kid somewhere is probably coming up... Read Full Story