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Wednesday, January 28, 2015
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The 10 Most Annoying Fashion Statements

The 10 Most Annoying Fashion Statements
My heart always goes out to a victim -- unless it's a fashion victim. They are messes purely of their own making, their unsightliness totally stemming from the wrath caused by their misbegotten choices. So fie on them, and on...… Read Full Story

2 Chainz Wants to Run For Mayor of College Park, Georgia

Public intellectual 2 Chainz, neé Tauheed Epps, has his sights set on running for mayor in his hometown of College Park, Georgia. The rapper told XXL, "I'm supposed to be running for mayor in College Park. I got everybody wishing.... Read Full Story

Here's Charli XCX Effortlessly Singing "Boom Clap" in Japanese

Not only is Charli XCX fluent in road trip references, but she's also fluent in Japanese. The British pop star re-recorded her hit song, "Boom Clap" for a special release of her new album, Sucker out from Warner Music... Read Full Story

What's the Matter With Cara Delevingne?

Cara Delevingne's sheer expressiveness as a model is pretty much unmatched by her peers. True, dem brows do about 30% of the heavy lifting, but when you're able to effectively steal the spotlight from Kim Kardashian (and possibly her... Read Full Story

We Can't Stop Watching This Video of Yung Lean Smoking a Blunt

Swedish teen rap sensation and leader of the Sad Boys crew, Yung Lean, has been seducing the dark corners of the weirdo Internet hip-hop scene for a little while now and today he's given the web another gem in... Read Full Story

Watch Run The Jewels' Trippy "Lie, Cheat, Steal" Video

As much as Run The Jewels has brought us moments of pure, cat-related frivolous joy, they've never shied away from serious issues. "Lie, Cheat, Steal" perfectly showcases both the duos unrelenting charisma and political leanings against the backdrop of... Read Full Story

Marc Jacobs Gets Into Bondage For Latest Collaboration

With the film adaptation of 50 Shades of Grey coinciding with the world's most stressful holiday, BDSM is in the air, naturally. For his latest collaboration, Marc Jacobs -- an avid fan of both sex and sexy people, as we... Read Full Story
See Naomi Campbell, Kate Hudson, Cindy Crawford + More Celebs Transformed Into Retro Pin-Ups (NSFW)

See Naomi Campbell, Kate Hudson, Cindy Crawford + More Celebs Transformed Into Retro Pin-Ups (NSFW)

Read Full Story

Listen to the Heartstring-Twanging "I'm A Ruin" by Marina and the Diamonds

Ever since late last year, when she made our "Haunt Your Dreams in 2015" list, Marina Diamandis has been coming at us from all sides. We've had classic high-production videos, a live-in-the-studio performance and two Pac Man screen savers.... Read Full Story

Champion Select Is Here to Answer All Your Athleisure Wear Prayers

The constant stream of brand collaborations that have popped up in recent years is enough to make anyone's head spin. We've seen everything from Target's annual designer, mania-inducing collaborations to Hello Kitty teaming up with the Playboy bunny to... Read Full Story