In the Ring With Kit Major

In the Ring With Kit Major

BYIvan GuzmanMay 03, 2024

Kit Major likes to rock. The LA-based musician and self-proclaimed “#1 dirty misfit” has been releasing her distinct brand of rebellious, grunge-inspired pop-punk since coming onto the scene in 2018, and recently, it’s started to really take hold.

Her new music video for “Let Me In Your Band,” which premieres today on PAPER, keeps to this ethos. “I can’t play guitar, but I got the moves,” she sings in the track. “I’m sticky like the beer on your shoes.” Her throwback sound and visual world harkens back to the days when CBGB ruled the scene, Blondie blared on car radios and classic rock was the gold standard of cool. It’s all infused with her poppy personality and style, which is filled with platform boots, studded leather jackets and a glam-meets-garage rock attitude.

In the video, she wears custom “KM”-emblazoned boxing gloves. She invites the viewer into the ring with her as she begs, “Please, man, let me in your band,” and wails over psychedelic guitar riffs and an infectious hook. It makes us want to party with her in some sleazy dive bar, and that seems to be precisely her intention.

Watch “Let Me In Your Band,” below.

Photo courtesy of AVAO