La Zowi Is at the Peak of Her Power

La Zowi Is at the Peak of Her Power

Story by Juan Marti / Photography by Pablo MasMay 06, 2024

Buried in work, locked in chaotic metropolises and consumed by overwhelming social networks, we can forget that magic exists, those fantasies buried in the monotony.

But thanks to artists like La Zowi (Zoe Jeanneau Canto) we can return, even if only for the minutes that one of her fiery songs lasts, to that universe that the singer has built — based on sex, sweat, mischief and fun. Her songs are like that hot sauce that livens up a boring dish, that kiss on the neck after a boring day, or the sweat that runs down our necks after a night dancing in the best club.

With her new EP Pussy Taste, La Zowi distills all her essence and personality into a definitive trap bomb that’s also intimate and private. Below, PAPER caught up with La Zowi to talk about the evolution of her sound, staying true to herself and feeling "stronger and more mami."

Clothing and hat: Dsquared2

La Zowi is still everything she wants to be and I love that. Is it hard in this industry to stay true to yourself?

I think it's difficult to stay true to yourself and be real in many areas of life, because in the end we are very conditioned, pressured by society and by countless other factors and indeed to be yourself and stay true to yourself, well, it's complicated. In my case, while working in the industry, staying true to myself and being the way I am is something that benefits me and that is part of my character, of my image. So it's quite comfortable.

How would you say La Zowi has changed from songs like “Empezar de cero” to “ORGASM”?

You can see an evolution on all levels, I think both in the voice and the quality of the music. That's the result of working harder, taking everything more seriously and doing things on my own. In the end, my music evolves and advances at the same pace as I do, so I have advanced a lot in my life: I am better, more independent, I have overcome things, I feel stronger and more mami. All this is reflected in my music and in my desire to professionalize everything much more and to work more and better.

(On La Zowi) Clothing: Dsquared2 (On Charley and Diego) Swimsuits: KVRT STVFF

Does trap have the same level of recognition in terms of awards as other musical genres?

Trap doesn't at all have the same recognition as other genres in the industry, at least in Spain, but it's something that seems normal to me, since Trap is purely from the United States. In the end, it’s not like rap, which has been much more present in Europe and so on. Trap is something very specific to the United States. But step by step, it is becoming more commercialized, and who knows if it will have a greater force in the future.

And beyond trap, what other musical genres interest you as an artist?

I would say that I like almost all genres of music, especially the freshest ones. I like everything new. But as an artist, what interests me and what I like and enjoy doing the most is trap, but I like to do reggaeton too. I could play genres like R&B or more experimental stuff, or even more electronic. I'm a pretty multifaceted artist in that sense.

You are a sensual and empowered woman who shines as a singer — from your point of view, is the music industry as liberal and modern as it is generally believed?

I do think that the music industry is very free. I use music to free myself from many things and to be a character or a person that maybe I’m not in my daily life, with that excess of sensuality and empowerment. For me, music is just a way to be who I like to be or to be able to enjoy a character, so to speak ... Music is about escape and liberation.

What would you say is “sensual,” for La Zowi?

Eroticism and sensuality are very present in my life and are part of my personality. But I also think it's very much linked to provocation. What I like many times when I make music is to provoke or go to extremes to which perhaps other artists do not dare — and break taboos. Those are the little things that motivate me. Everything related to sensuality and sex serves me to break schemes or barriers.

(On La Zowi) Clothing and hat: Dsquared2 (On Maya and Yanice) Clothing: Fanci Club (On Charley) Tank top: KVRT STVFF, Necklace: Dsquared2 (On Fernando) Jacket and pants: Javier Guijarro (On Diego) Pants: KVRT STVFF

You have also recently released two collaborations, one with Lola Indigo and the other with Jedet. For you, how do collaborations like this come about? What does an artist have to have to catch your attention? Who else would you like to collaborate with?

Many times collaborations come quite naturally. For me to be able to do a collab with someone, obviously I have to like what they do, but in the end, it's not just that I like their music, I can like other aspects of the artist. Having a relationship, for example, as I have with Jedet, who is a close friend, also makes me want to do things together. I let things flow.

How would you describe your latest EP, Pussy Taste?

Pussy Taste is a trap EP, I wanted to do something purely trap. Pussy Taste is the true essence of La Zowi and what she does best, the authentic taste of trap. The EP has an intro and six tracks. One is with Zora Jones, which is quite clubby. Others are more a tough kind of trap, but can also be cool in the club. And then there are a couple of songs that are a little softer and I think that on this EP, unlike other work, I've opened up more, and I get a little more intimate. I talk a lot about my friends, my neighborhood, my son and the simpler things that surround my life and I relax a little bit but always serving. I open my heart a little more.

Where does the titlecome from?

Well, Pussy Taste the name came out quite spontaneously. I generally consider myself to be very feminine, so words like “pussy” always come to mind. And yes, I came up with that name and turned it a little bit toto flavor. I thought about calling it “sabor a toto,” but it didn't sound quite right to me. Inside me, there's a very feminine flow.

How do you and your team build and come up with the fabulous looks we see in your videos?

It makes me laugh when people say, “This is very you, it's very Zoe,” because my way of dressing or relating to the fashion world is very spontaneous and very pure. I have a few codes in my head and I build from there. I have a very close team: very cool people, who know me very well, who are friends above all. Christian Galán, but also with Noemí Gea, we are the ones who are gradually building the style of La Zowi. But the truth is that I am more and more out of those decisions. I mean, I have the last word, because in the end, I have to like it. But I have a team that knows me very well and I give them total creative freedom. We usually talk before the release of a new album or the beginning of a tour. We talk a bit about the colors we want to use and the image I want to convey, I send them my references and from there, they start putting together all the looks.

(On La Zowi) Dress: Grete Henriette, Shoes: Abra (On Maya) Dress: Abra, Shoes: 1Concept (On Fernando) Jacket and shorts: Jordanluca, Shoes: JW Anderson

How would you describe La Zowi’s style?

My style could be defined in many ways. I do like chic, and elegant, but at the same time I like ratchet, I like feminine, provocative, sensual and basic sometimes.

If you were in a fire, what would be the item in your closet that you would save without hesitation?

I have clothes, maybe from the archive or very selective things that I have loved at the time, but I am very much of the moment, let's say. I think that in that situation I would take what I like the most at that moment. I like handbags and glasses, I have some very exclusive clothes, if not, I would honestly take the most expensive ones.

Photography: Pablo Mas
Creative direction: Muriel Seiquer
Styling: Gonzalo Ortuño
Makeup: Hugo Trix
Hair: Gorka Larcan
Lighting: Claudio Oca
Digital retouching: Pablo Rivera Gento
Production: Sofia Frames
Styling assistant: Nicolás A.M.
Commissioner: PBM
Story: Juan Marti
Cast: Fernando, Maya, Lena, Dieguito, Charlyhö