Always Scrolling: Gianluca Conte (AKA QCP)

Always Scrolling: Gianluca Conte (AKA QCP)

By Andrew NguyenApr 30, 2024

Always Scrolling is PAPER's spotlight on our favorite TikTokers in fashion, beauty, lifestyle and more. Keep reading to discover this week's viral sensation: Gianluca Conte.

Despite our algorithmic differences, the one that connects us all on social media is pasta content. Gianluca Conte (AKA QCP) is arguably the pasta king of TikTok, because it's a genuine part of who he is.

"My life on and off the internet is purely cooking and health-related," he tells PAPER. "I love to work out daily for my health and I like to cook food that fuels my body."

Today, the chef and content creator released his first cookbook called ITALIAN/AMERICAN — a one-stop shop for all recipes authentic Italian and Italian American. "My father is from Italy, so I've included half Italian recipes and my mother is from Brooklyn so I've included half Italian American recipes," he says. "Both varieties are loved throughout the world so you can enjoy the true best of both worlds."

PAPER chatted with Conte about his favorite pasta, chopped sandwiches and what Italian restaurant to check out in NYC.


A Special Announcement ;)

What do you love about what you do?

I love that people tell me I make their day. The ability to bring light to people’s lives keeps me alive.

Who is another TikToker that you love right now?

My pick would probably be Nick DiGiovanni, a good friend of mine. Nick is truly great, and he's always set a standard to the balance of professionalism and fun in our space.

Funniest comment you've received on a post?

"You’re not Italian."


The Angry New Jersey Cooking Show - Episode 1: Spaghetti and Meatballs (10% anger)

What’s one of your favorite recipes you’ve posted?

Rigatoni Alla Buttera! It’s a dish I’ve ordered consistently from my father’s restaurants for at least 10 years.

What’s a trend that you love right now?

Chopped sandwiches are seriously awesome. It’s super cool to take really anything and turn into a sandwich. It’s super fun — I love doing it.

One that you'd never partake in?

Call pasta "noodles."


One of many beautiful recipes from my cookbook 🥰 🍝

What’s a good book you’ve read recently?

My grandfather's book. It’s called Success the Hard Way: Eight is Not Enough by Victor George Sayegh.

Favorite restaurant in NYC?

I’d have to say Piccola Cucina. It’s a Sicilian restaurant in the city that makes some killer dishes.

What are three songs you have on repeat right now?

"Ya Kidding" by FISHER
"Whatever She Wants" by Bryson Tiller
"Am I Wrong (feat. ScHoolboy Q)" by Anderson .Paak

Photography: Matt Russell