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Thursday, August 28, 2014
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Jimmy Kimmel Reunited the Cast of Friends to Perform a Sexy New Scene

Jimmy Kimmel Reunited the Cast of Friends to Perform a Sexy New Scene
Jimmy Kimmel got Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox and Lisa Kudrow to come on his show and perform some sexxxy Friends fan fiction he wrote. Some are more enthusiastic about it than others... [via Jimmy Kimmel] Heads up, there's a...… Read Full Story

Watch Fred Armisen Star in J Mascis' Trippy Video for "Every Morning"

In his Funny of Die produced video for "Every Morning," J Mascis is a religious cult leader who benevolently passes out questionable Kool Aid to his followers, The Space Children of the Forest. The music video is styled as... Read Full Story

Grimes Channels Dante's Inferno In New Video, "Go"

Grimes first teased out a new track, "Go," at NYC's Governors Ball music fest at the start of the summer before releasing the official studio version a few weeks later. And today, the pulsing, glitch-house track that the singer... Read Full Story

Designer Zana Bayne On Accessible Bondage Gear and Food Nostalgia

In our new series, Ladies Who Lunch, cook, co-founder of catering company bigLITTLE Get Together, Paper Beautiful Person and Marc Jacobs' personal chef, Lauren Gerrie, will be whipping up lunch -- and conversation -- with some of our favorite New... Read Full Story

Welcome to the Feral, Freaky World of Brooke Candy

All I want is to go to Brooke Candy's house. I imagine some insane Beverly Hills mansion with black roses lining a perfectly manicured driveway. The "butler" will be some glamazon goddess wearing a necklace of live snakes. Then... Read Full Story

Courtney Love Brings Anarchy to Hollywood

IT'S a sweltering summer afternoon as I climb the steps to the Hollywood home of Courtney Love Cobain. I knock, the door swings open and "Miss World" herself appears before me. She's wearing black skinny jeans, flats and a... Read Full Story

Donatella Versace's ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Might Be the Best One Yet

Just when we think we've seen enough ALS Ice Bucket challenges to make us feel grouchy and cynical and think to ourselves, "Let's just write a check, plop it in the mail and call it a day," we're graced... Read Full Story

Lia Ices Chats About Her New Album and Premieres Her Video, "Higher"

Over the course of two albums, Lia Kessel -- better known by her moniker Lia Ices -- made her name as a singer-songwriter. Now with a forthcoming record, Ices, out September 16th via Jagjaguwar, comes a new vision, one that... Read Full Story

Chelsea Handler and Ellen DeGeneres Have a Nude Shower Fight

Former Paper cover girl Chelsea Handler ended Chelsea Lately last night but, apparently, not before she gifts the world with more shower fight segments. Here, Ellen DeGeneres talks some major shit to her.    Someone posted this video to... Read Full Story

Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj's "Bang Bang" Gets a Video

Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande and Jessie J's new video for "Bang Bang" reminds us of what we thought living in New York City would be like when we were ten: people in funky tank tops dancing in the street,... Read Full Story