Miquela and Saweetie Link Up
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Miquela and Saweetie Link Up

It was only a matter of time before Instagram's two reigning clout queens Miquela (formerly Lil) and Saweetie formed a DM friendship. After messaging back-and-forth all summer, the two stars — one virtual, one extremely real — got in touch with PAPER to offer some exclusive photos from their first er, IRL meet-up. Over drinks, of course. As you can see, the two hit if off immediately.

There was a lot to catch up on. Saweetie has been making headlines not only for her music but her relationship with Quavo, who recently revealed their first-ever social media interaction in the form of a hilarious "how it started" meme. And Miquela has been busy, too: urging her followers to vote like any good internet celeb (don't call her an influencer), and rocking her Telfar bag on the streets of LA.

Seeing the photos, we couldn't miss the opportunity to get them both in conversation about their respective careers, their burgeoning friendship and the now-famous snowflake emoji flirtation technique.

How did you two become friends — who slid into whose DMs?

Saweetie: That's an icy girl secret.

Miquela: It was me! Like most of the world, I'm a major fan. To anyone reading this: SHOOT YOUR SHOTS! Dreams really do come true y'all!

How have you been spending your respective quarantines?

Miquela: When we first jumped in, without friends to hang with and work to distract me, I was trying out all the things bored humans were doing on IG: dying my hair, doing my nails, trying on everything I own and spying on cute dogs outside my window. That got real old, real quick. When restrictions started to lift and my eyebrows grew back, I started working again and was able to hang out with NEW friends I'd been DMing. Lisa Stardust said this is a time to "evoke your inner power, making you a force to be reckoned with." I felt that in my core (processor).

Saweetie: Working and creating good content like my good sis Miquela.

Any Instagram clout tips for those of us who aren't verified?

Saweetie: Handle your business, and you'll get that check boo.

Miquela: I mean, if you want to build a platform around something you're really passionate about, that sounds amazing. Otherwise let me tell you, the rest of this stuff isn't always exactly how it seems, you know? Like, yes, I get to take pics in beautiful clothes, but most of the time that stuff goes right back to wherever it came from just as soon as we're done. Clout is cute, I guess, but I wouldn't spend too much time or energy on it.

What were you talking about over those cocktails in the photos?

Saweetie: Mind the business that pays you ;)

Miquela: @birkinbagbratz! I'm obsessed. Also, you know, snowflake emojis, boys. The ususallllll girl talk with a lil' robot perspective thrown in.

What is your favorite Miquela or Saweetie track?

Saweetie: Everything.

Miquela: Hands Down "Tap In."

Can we expect a musical collab between you guys sometime soon?

Miquela: I don't kiss and tell... gonna keep you guessing.

Saweetie: Stay tuned and TAP IN :)

Photos courtesy of Miquela and Saweetie