Saweetie's New Buzzcut Has a Mindful Explanation

Saweetie's New Buzzcut Has a Mindful Explanation

Saweetie recently sliced off her hair, seemingly randomly, without telling anyone why she did it. But in a new interview with Power 106, the rapper dropped the deets on her new buzzcut.

When asked about her hair, Saweetie was honest, explaining that mindfulness was actually the reason she decided to cut it all off. "I wanted to start over and I did research about hair and hair holds a lot of energy,” she said. "And I really wanted to just feel new and fresh with this new music."

She continued, "I won’t say new me, but elevated me. I really just wanted to start over again."

What does that mean for Saweetie? She gave a definition of this new “elevated Saweetie" that will take over in her music.

"She meditates, she’s centered, she has clarity, she knows what she wants, she puts her foot down,” Saweetie said. "I feel like before I discovered meditation, everything was, ‘Yes yes yes, I’ll do it.'"

Since breaking onto the scene in 2018 with the High Maintenance EP, propelled by the success of “Icy Grl,” Saweetie's become an industry icon. She dropped a follow-up EP, Icy, in 2019 and has collaborated with a number of brands like PrettyLittleThing and McDonald’s as she expands her entrepreneurial endeavors.

Saweetie’s spiritual awakening comes just in time for the release of her forthcoming debut studio album, Pretty Bitch Music. Originally, it was set to come out next year, but she made the decision to delay it so that she could reconstruct some of its songs. However, the move isn't really a surprise given how Saweetie has always been a growth-minded perfectionist, previously telling Paper that the album is "a more enhanced and understanding version of me figuring out who I am as a woman and as an artist."

Who knows if it’ll feature the previously released "Tap In,” and its high-powered remix, “Closer” with H.E.R., or “Best Friend” with Doja Cat. But it’s a wait that we can all get behind.

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