Saweetie and Brandon Blackwood on Serving the Hottest McDonald's Collab Ever

Saweetie and Brandon Blackwood on Serving the Hottest McDonald's Collab Ever

by Ana Escalante

Saweetie is in her bag and can eat it, too. The Bay Area rap sensation (and now Big Mac Mama), known for her Icy Girl persona, has collaborated with handbag designer Brandon Blackwood on a McDonald's-themed trunk in honor of the Saweetie Meal that's taken over the food discourse this summer. The bag will given away to two lucky fans as part of the "Saweetstakes," taking winners to go see the artist perform at the Day N' Night festival in Las Vegas.

Meanwhile, it's been a massive year both for Saweetie and Blackwood. The star's been hard at work being a business woman, YouTube guru, and fashion icon while Blackwood has been selling out his compact top-handle bags for the stylish IG baddie.

"My brand was built with a bold and confident energy and being a part of this collaboration elevated that vibe to a whole new level," Blackwood tells PAPER. For both, the platform that comes alongside working with McDonald's is a step in the right direction for Black women and women of color. The fast food chain previously partnered with male artists like Travis Scott, J Balvin, and BTS. Saweetie, per usual, is bringing the divine feminine energy to the table.

'I love me some McNuggets and a Big Mac," the rapper tells PAPER of her signature post-concert meal. "And some fries, of course. Hot and fresh though." A newly-unveiled merch line to celebrate the meal feels reminiscent of Saweetie's West Coast vibes. Glitter-filled, spray-painted motifs like blinged-out tennis bracelets, palm trees and sweet tea feel like a marriage between hot girls everywhere and their favorite 4-piece nuggies.

The meal, merch and Brandon Blackwood tote have a stylish stamp of approval. It's only time that you hop on the Icy Girl train, too. Below, we caught up with the two tastemakers to talk all things McDonald's.

What was the driving force behind creating the Saweetie meal at McDonald's and the exclusive merch?

Saweetie: Honestly girl, I remember eating McDonald's out of the womb. [Laughs]. I remember driving by McDonald's and me and my cousins asking for some and my auntie, my grandma, and my momma all saying, "You got some McDonald's money?" So the fact that I finally have my own meal is like a full diamond, because at this point, I'm shining, I'm grinding.

I know Saweetie has been a huge fan of your bags for a while. How did this collaboration come about between the both of you and how was it working alongside her?

Brandon Blackwood: We love working together and I always appreciate Saweetie showing me love. I was, of course, so excited for her when I heard about her partnership with McDonald's and personally couldn't wait to try out The Saweetie Meal myself. I know Saweetie and McDonald's wanted to give fans some unique surprises to commemorate this collab – one being the custom McDonald's branded bag for the TV commercial and giveaway for fans – and I immediately said "yes" when the team called me up to create something special for it.

Your hands are in so many projects, girl. You're getting the bag, and then creating your own with Brandon. What was that like?

Saweetie: Brandon is so creative. I see a bright future for him. When we initially thought of bags, I wanted it to be a Black creative. His vision was everything. His initial input, I just instantly agreed with it. There wasn't a back-and-forth at all.

Obviously, the bag is definitely giving luxury Happy Meal in the best way. What was your inspiration behind creating the purse as it pertains to the color way, silhouette and construction?

Brandon: The Golden Arches and infamous red/gold colorway had to come through for this collab and the Kendrick Trunk silhouette was made for this giveaway. Our signature Kendrick Trunk silhouette with gold hardware was a perfect fit for this one-of-a-kind creation.

You're such a fashion icon and you're tapping into every single Spotify playlist. What was it like to bring your talent into such a non-traditional project with McDonald's as the first woman and the first Black woman to take over that space?

Saweetie: I love to innovate, inspire, and trailblaze. The fact that I was able to have a collaboration with a big franchise and be the first woman — especially a black woman, a woman of color representing the black and brown community — I just feel like it speaks volumes. I feel like that's what I was meant to do. And that's my purpose. Hopefully I'm here to do that for the rest of my career.

This is definitely a unique fashion collaboration. How was this ideation and creation process different from working alongside another designer or retail brand?

Brandon: It's a really unique collaboration for me, in that it was the first time that I collaborated with a major fast-food brand such as McDonald's. What made it fun was it being with an artist that I admire and love so much. It was also the same style of bag that was featured in her "Fast (Motion)" music video.

I have to ask — Have you seen those memes of McDonald's cashiers asking about the Saweetie meal on TikTok? Someone will come to the drive-through and the cashier will be like, "That's my best friend… Welcome to McDonald's, can I interest you in the Saweetie meal?"

Saweetie: I just love when people put their own little remix on it, whether it's making their own content and making their own version of the meal or whatever they do with my brand, especially when it comes to a partnership. It lets me know that brands know that it's organic.

You can shop the Saweetie Meal merch exclusively at

Photos courtesy of McDonald's


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