Miquela's NFTs Are Free
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Miquela's NFTs Are Free

People seem to really love NFTs, perhaps because you can make a lot of money. But not Miquela (formerly Lil), the virtual influencer who doesn't have her own bank account to accumulate independent wealth (if I'm understanding correctly). She does, however, have serious social capital online, and her latest NFT drop is completely free with the power of Twitter.

In collaboration with her creator's company Brud, "19-year-old" Miquela has been rolling out a five-part digital art series of free NFTs that "center around themes specific" to the CGI model, according to a release. The entire project is called Venus and aims to support Brud's mission of "democratizing cryptocurrency and the NFT industry" by making assets available to thousands (versus one single buyer).

"Bound Together," which dropped today, presents Miquela dressed in what appears to be a long, fringe dress. A closer examination reveals that its fabric is made up of comments — both good and bad — that were aggregated from her social media handles to showcase Miquela as a "vessel for the thoughts/feelings/emotions of the community she's created."

In order to acquire "Bound Together," Miquela has asked participants to reply to her Tweet today by 12 PM PST with their wallet address and a vote for the color of her outfit in the NFT. (Is it #LilYellow or #BigBlue?) Miquela will then choose 250 random replies of the correct color to get the NFT.

"Miquela is a character of compassion — brought into the world to do good," said Nicole de Ayora, Chief Content Officer at Brud. "She's a robot programmed for extreme empathy and acceptance and the visceral elements of her life and story make different people feel all sorts of different things. We wanted to reflect on how the comments on her content work together to make her who she is and the themes of her story more pronounced and meaningful."

Miquela now joins a long list of people with influence swiftly entering the NFT market: Kate Moss, M.I.A., Nathan Apodaca, Brooke Candy, Emrata, Angelyne, Lindsay Lohan, Sophia the Robot... Even Basquiat has joined the craze, although that didn't end too well.

Photo courtesy of Lil Miquela/ Brud