The Telfar Bag Got a Hot Girl Summer Makeover

The Telfar Bag Got a Hot Girl Summer Makeover

The Telfar bag has been the It Girl accessory for more than a year now. It's that instantly recognizable piece that you can't walk down any street under 40th without seeing. It unites skaters and fashion girls, basics and club kids. You either have it or have coveted it. It's not done yet.

The Queens-bred led by designer Telfar Clemens is aiming to dominate this coming fall as well with new colors for the three-sizes-fit-all bag, making the piece more versatile than ever. Canary yellow for those looking for a power clash. Navy if you're classic. Cream for special occasions. And grey for everyone, anywhere, anytime.

As fans have noted, prices have been raised slightly with the new launch, now ranging from $150 for the baby bag, up to $257 for the largest size. Shop her now: perfect for hot girl summer and hot nerd fall alike.

Large Cream Shopping Bag

Large Grey Shopping Bag

Large Navy Shopping Bag

Large Yellow Shopping Bag

Photos courtesy of Telfar

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