Dominnico Is Fashion's Most Electric Retro-Futurist

Dominnico Is Fashion's Most Electric Retro-Futurist

With a flair for giant sleeves, flamenco ruffles and sweeping fringe, Spanish fashion label Dominnico fits in seamlessly with the country's proclivity for statement dressing.

But designer Domingo Rodríguez Lázaro also has other tricks up his sleeve. Since Dominicco's inception in 2016, the gender-fluid brand has been an early proponent of the current motocross craze fueling the Y2K comeback thanks to its signature race-car motifs and cutouts that club kids and fashion It-girls alike sport with panache.

Perhaps its most visible ambassador is fellow Spaniard Rosalía, whom Dominnico outfitted in custom looks for her El Mal Querer tour in 2019 (and subsequently helped biker-core reach its apex with Motomami this year). Lady Gaga, Tove Lo and Rita Ora are also fans, as well as male stars like Rauw Alejandro and Mahmood.

The Barcelona-based brand also has numerous prizes under its belt, including Vogue Spain's "Who's on Next" 2021 award. A staple on the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid circuit, Rodríguez Lázaro continues to attract a community of loyal followers who gravitate toward his eccentric, retro-futurist aesthetic.

With the first drop of his Spring 2023 collection arriving online this week, Rodríguez Lázaro shares more about his creative process, dressing the biggest Spanish and global stars and what's on the horizon next.

You call Spring 2023 your most personal collection yet. In what way?

This collection is a linkage to when I was a child. Strong heterosexual characters always surrounded me; my uncles and family friends, but most importantly, my dad — the person who inspired this collection and who made the motor business his life career. There are a lot of silhouettes from my first collections referenced in NENNE Spring 2023, as well as subtle theatre inspirations and all the motor heritage in my family.

How would you say your brand has evolved over the years since that 2016 launch?

I am still very true to myself and the way I believe fashion is a way of expression. It’s a reflection of our personal changes and our experiences as well, and I think that can be seen in my collections. Somehow I am more practical now, but what hasn't changed at all is our little world of fantasy and pop culture baggage. Retro-futurism has been my inspiration for a long time, for its connection with women's liberation, but now I am more focused in the liberation of the persona, no matter how they want to identify as.

What excites you most about the Spanish creative community and fashion scene?

It’s very exciting to see the diversity of creative universes that Spain has right now, not only in the fashion industry but also when it comes to music, art and all creative fields. I will always be proud and supportive of young multidisciplinary artists who, just like me, are still fighting hard for their dreams and projects.

What have been some of your favorite moments of celebrities wearing your clothes?

It’s always a dream to work with celebrities for crazy projects, either music videos, live performances or red carpets. A moment I will always remember would definitely be crossing the barrier from small online brand to getting a wider projection after dressing the biggest icon reference I had in my teenage years, Lady Gaga. It was a huge push not only for the brand but also for myself, helping me realize Dominnico it’s not only a dream, but a reality.

I am always very grateful to all the celebrities who want to dress from our brand, but I also want to take the chance to thank everyone who wears one of our garments in their daily lives.

What do you love most about the motocross aesthetic?

I love the equipment, the aerodynamic shapes, the textures and the patchwork. But among all I love the volume and chunkiness, and the attitude that it expresses.

What does slow fashion mean to you?

We have been a small team since the beginning which has always given us the opportunity to overview all of our production. For me, slow fashion has to do with knowing where your fabrics come from and working with suppliers on a local level, for example. Fashion timings are hectic and crazy, and we are happy to be keep it in a slower pace.

What are some of your goals for 2023 and beyond?

Some of my goals just appear throughout the year, but for now, I want to focus on applying to the LVMH prize. After that, our main goal is expanding our sales points to other platforms and bigger marketplaces.

Photography: Marina Vengut