The tragic events that transpired at Astroworld Fest have amplified the need for artists and event organizers to be more conscious of audience members' wellbeing. TMZ reported that on Thursday night, SZA halted her performance at the Union Event Center in Salt Lake City, Utah after a fan in the crowd passed out. A video posted to TikTok shows the singer asking stagehands for water — not only for the person who fainted, but to anyone else in need of some hydration.


most humble down to earth human. loved every second of this show<3 #sza #astroworld #travisscott #fyp #staysafe #peaceandlove

While the "Good Days" singer didn't directly mention Travis Scott or Astroworld, she alluded to it as she spoke to the crowd. "And it's like, some might think, 'Hey, people pass out all the time, blah, blah, blah, blah,'" she said. "But people don't die at concerts all the time. And that's something that none of us should ever, like, will never forget that... Some things end up shifting and shaping the way you do shit forever. And that's a good thing."

In another video from the paused concert, SZA continued to call attention to the audience member who passed out. "This person's literally flat-out, like passed the fuck out — TM, like, flat on the ground, non-responsive," she said. "And it's important that we just make sure they're OK."


Reply to @itslara47 part 2 from the last video !!! #sza #gooddays #travisscott #astroworld #peaceandlove #fyp

Hours before Scott's set at Astroworld last week, SZA performed as one of the stars on the Houston festival's lineup. After the horrific crowd surge incident killed at least nine and injured hundreds, the singer tweeted, "Speechless about last night I'm actually in shock n don't even know what to say.. just praying for everyone in Houston especially the families of those that lost their lives."

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