Australian TikToker Wrongly Pronounced Dead After Astroworld

Australian TikToker Wrongly Pronounced Dead After Astroworld

An Australian TikToker said she was wrongly pronounced dead after Travis Scott's Astroworld.

Last week, Amelyun Nguyen went viral after posting a TikTok featuring screenshots of posts making the false claim. According to the 17-year-old, she had no idea how the rumor started. However, Nguyen said she was "the first to be announced dead" after the Houston, Texas festival.

"I was honestly very confused and was wondering how people found my pictures," Nguyen recently told BuzzFeed News, revealing that she found out about her own "passing" through an Instagram post. She also said that one TikTok about her "death" was commented on by someone saying they knew her, which Nguyen publicly refuted. Even so, the commenter continued to double down on the claim.

"I am not a Travis Scott fan, before and after the incident," she said. She also went on to say the support she's received on her own TikTok refuting the claim has made her "feel so much better about the whole false death accusations."

Nguyen added, "I told my close mutuals and we all had a good laugh."


woke up and the world pronounced me dead

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The tragedy was the result of a crowd crush during Scott's headlining set. So far, the horrifying incident has claimed the lives of 10 people. Initially, eight people were confirmed dead but, since then, two more concertgoers have died: 22-year-old student Bharti Shahani and 9-year-old Ezra Blount.

Meanwhile, dozens were taken to the hospital for their injuries, while hundreds of fans were treated at a field hospital. Scott is also currently facing over 100 lawsuits as a result.

Misinformation has continued to run rampant following the incident, with TikTok trying to take down hundreds of conspiracy videos accusing Scott of performing some sort of satanic ritual.

Read Nguyen's entire interview with BuzzFeed Newshere.

Photos via TikTok / @amelynguyen