SZA’s Sophomore Album Is on the Way

SZA’s Sophomore Album Is on the Way

by Kenna McCafferty

SZA had a big night last night — beyond winning her first Grammy for "Kiss Me More," and wearing a Jean Paul Gaultier 2006 Archive dress with crutches and... stilettos, the singer also announced the completion of her second album.

The now-Grammy-winning singer shared that her next album is on the way “very much, very much soon,” having just finished and turned it in while in Hawaii. “It’s probably my most unisex project yet,” SZA added, “if that makes sense.”

And in case it didn’t, she clarified “it’s definitely for everybody... in a different way.” Always one for mystery, the scorpio singer’s vague album updates were the least confusing part of her Grammys appearance.

The fashion-forward singer made a statement, pairing a flowing tulle train, with stilettos, and crutches. “I fell out of bed before I came here,” she explained. “Whenever something big happens to me, something crazy happens too.”

Fans weren’t so sure about SZA’s spill, wondering how she could still walk in stilettos with a sprained ankle.

But SZA made the bold choice, as any of us would, to put fashion first and though she may have woken up on the wrong side of the bed, she took the night in stride.

When the time came, SZA gracefully hobbled on stage to accept the award for Best Pop Duo, with Lady Gaga jumping in to hold her train, and Doja Cat sprinting in from the bathroom to announce she has “never taken a faster piss in my life.” The moment was all-around record-breaking, as the “Kiss Me More” win became the first Grammy for both SZA and Doja Cat.

“I like to downplay a lot of shit,” Doja Cat shared through tears, “but this, it’s a big deal.”

Photo via Getty/ Rich Fury/ VF20