Sound Off: 10 New Songs You Need to Hear Now

Sound Off: 10 New Songs You Need to Hear Now

by Shaad D'Souza

It's impossible to be across all the new music out each Friday. 2020 has proven that, even in the face of hundreds of crises, there's little that can stop artists the world over from releasing hits week-in, week-out. Luckily, PAPER is here to help you out: each week, we round up 10 of our favorite new songs from artists — emerging and established — to soundtrack your life. From the surreal to the sublime, these songs cover every corner of the music world. The only criteria: they all have to absolutely rip.

Selena Gomez and BLACKPINK — Ice Cream

Selena Gomez and BLACKPINK's first collaboration, co-written by Ariana Grande and Victoria Monét. Do we need to say anything more? I think it's time that we prepare for the first ever K-Pop No. 1

Calvin Harris and The Weeknd — Over Now

This is basically a chart-friendly update of the Oneohtrix Point Never-aided sleaze that populated The Weeknd's sublime After Hours, and it really, really works.

Miiesha, Hoodzy, JessB and Jesswar — Hold Strong

Miiesha, Hoodzy, JessB and Jesswar show off the power and strength of feminine energy on this remix of a highlight of Miiesha's Nyaaringu.

Shamir — Running

This kind of bright, driving power-pop suits Shamir perfectly. "Running" suggests that the Philly musician's upcoming self-titled record will be something special.

Logic1000 — Perfume

Logic1000's new song "Perfume" is as pleasantly intoxicating as its title would suggests, a cloud of booming R&B samples and heady house.

Jazmine Sullivan — Lost One

It's been a minute since Jazmine Sullivan released new solo music, but god damn: "Lost One" makes that time very, very worth it.

Leikeli47 — Zoom

Leikeli47's new single "Zoom" refuses to slow down, constantly switching forms and styles. It's all tied together by Leikeli, who has enough charm and swagger to power a city.

A. G. Cook — Oh Yeah

This acoustic guitar-based track by PC Music king A. G. Cook won't come as a surprise for anyone who watched the producer's recent Secret Sky livestream set. Cook's voice, tinted with his trademark autotune, is endearing-bordering-on-angelic here, and, although it's delivered with his trademark wry smile, "Oh Yeah" understands its "Hey There Delilah"-core inspiration enough to be extremely replayable.

Kelly Lee Owens — L.I.N.E.

The centerpiece of Kelly Lee Owens' Inner Song is the heart-rending "L.I.N.E," a song that pushes back on unhealthy cultural ideas around love's endurance in situations of trauma or abuse. Poignant and moving, it's also a perfect showcase for Owens' crystalline production.

Disclosure, Syd and Kehlani — Birthday

Syd and Kehlani, two icons of alternative, self-possessed R&B, link up on this bright, understated new Disclosure track. It's a match made in heaven.

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