Pete Davidson and Colin Jost Bought a Staten Island Ferry

Pete Davidson and Colin Jost Bought a Staten Island Ferry

by Hedy Phillips

Pete Davidson and Colin Jost are now the proud owners of a decommissioned Staten Island Ferry.

The native New Yorkers — who both hail from Staten Island — purchased the boat with Manhattan real estate broker and comedy club owner Paul Italia, according to the New York Post. The boat, named the John F. Kennedy, was pulled from the fleet due to mechanical issues, and auctioned by the New York City Department of Citywide Administrative Services this month.

And if you’re wondering what these three plan to do with a massive passenger boat that they paid $280,100 for, don’t worry, they’ve already kinda... sorta... mostly figured it out. “The idea is to turn the space into a live entertainment event space, with comedy, music, art, et cetera,” Italia told The Post. “We’re in the early stages, but everybody involved had the same ambition — not to see this thing go to the scrapyard.”

The main concern is where this boat is actually going to be anchored, because right now, the new owners are required to get it out of the St. George Ferry Terminal. As part of the deal, the ferry obviously needs to vacate the premises since it’s no longer owned by the city, nor operational. Italia plans to move it to a local shipyard for the time being but hasn’t locked down an exact location quite yet.

The JFK is, in fact, a boomer at already 60-plus years old, and though the ship was decommissioned due to mechanical issues, the DCAS told The Post that it’s still structurally sound, which means it should have no problem playing host to the comedians’ party boat whims. And while this may seem like a completely bonkers purchase for the Saturday Night Live stars, it is rather cool to see the broken boat get a whole new life thanks to a couple guys who just really love New York City.

Photo via Getty/ Will Heath/ NBCU Photo Bank/ NBCUniversal