Pete Davidson May Not Be Headed to Space After All

Pete Davidson May Not Be Headed to Space After All

by Kenna McCafferty

As his relationship with Kim Kardashian skyrockets the SNL star to new levels of superstardom, Pete Davidson decided he doesn’t need to literally shoot himself into outer space after all.

Davidson was slated to be an “honorary guest” on Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin rocket on March 29, alongside investor Marty Allen, former NASA manager George Nield, entrepreneur Jim Kitchen, as well as couple Sharon and Marc Hagle, the latter of whom owns property company Tricor International. It’s all about the company you keep.

Unfortunately, we’ll have to leave their pre-flight small talk up to our imaginations. Bezos will announce Davidson’s replacement in the coming days, though, of course, the Staten Island King is one-of-a-kind.

The flight runs for only 10-minutes, distinctly shorter than the Staten Island Ferry. The Blue Origin, however, breaks the sound barrier, climbs 60+ miles above the Earth’s surface for a glimpse of life without gravity, and parachutes back to Earth, in half the time it takes to cross the New York Harbor.

The trip would’ve required a few days of space camp before the flight, which leaves us wondering whether the momentary 60-mile-climb seemed like too much work for someone who doesn’t need a spaceship to experience untold highs.

The comedian gave no explanation for his last-minute switch or whether he plans to reschedule. We’ll have to wait to see the first stoner in space.

Photo via Getty/ Rosalind O'Connor/ NBC/ NBCU Photo Bank