Wants Pete Davidson, MGK to Eiffel Tower Fans
Break the Internet ® Wants Pete Davidson, MGK to Eiffel Tower Fans wants Pete Davidson and Machine Gun Kelly to take their friendship to a whole new level — all while making their fans' ultimate sexual fantasy come true.

Recently, the popular camming site issued an open letter asking the stars whether they'd consider a virtual Eiffel Towering session, AKA high-fiving each other while "double-teaming thousands of fans in the shape of the City of Love's most prominently erected monument."

"Dear Pete Davidson and Machine Gun Kelly," Director of Strategy Development Gunner Taylor began in the letter, "While the world has watched with bated breath as your bromance unfolded over the past two years, many of your *ahem* enthusiastic fans have recently taken social media by storm to express their desire for one simple wish: to be Eiffel Towered by the two of you."

Taylor then went on to detail the company's brilliant plan, explaining that they wanted to offer them the opportunity to engage in an "intimate camming session with the real Eiffel Tower glittering in the Zoom-esque background." And though they clarified that there was "no need to whip your dicks out," it definitely wasn't "frowned upon."

"In return for you stamping users' virtual passports, we would be willing to pay you up to $1 million to broadcast on," Taylor continued before adding, "Take some time and think about my offer. If you're interested in penetrating this large fanbase, reach out to me and we can set you up with a verified profile where you can start earning money and making your adoring fans' dreams' come true."

Granted, neither Davidson nor MGK have responded to the offer yet, but you can be sure we'll keep you updated on whether your dreams actually become a reality.

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