Have a Drink at Pete Davidson’s New Midtown Bar

Have a Drink at Pete Davidson’s New Midtown Bar

by Anna Montagner

Basically the NYC Internet Boyfriends’ version of Marvel Universe’s Avengers, Pete Davidson, Mark Ronson, Nicholas Braun, Justin Theroux and Jason Sudeikis have all assembled to keep Midtown Manhattan alive beyond the hours of 9-to-5.

Leading the charge, Davidson converted a storied 19th century townhouse into the freshly inaugurated multilevel Pebble Bar which stands as a substitute for the historical Irish saloon, Hurley’s, that had survived both prohibition and the construction of Rockefeller Center.

“Hurley’s was long known for famed regulars like Johnny Carson, who had a personal back entrance, and novelist Jack Kerouac, whose writing on Hurley’s inspired the Pebble Bar name, David Letterman, who regularly filmed on-air on the third floor, and decades of ‘Saturday Night Live’ cast and staff, who dubbed the space ‘Studio 1-H,” a recent press release states.

As a current SNL cast member, the investment is no doubt a passion project for Davidson who’s likely looking for a place to unwind after a long night of filming. The venue, located on 67 West 49th St., features four floors, each one with its own unique design. From the backlit bar on the second floor, to the dark blue dining room with stone and wood tables on the third floor, the bar offers a “residential” and “intimate” vibe – as partner investor Matt Kliegman told The Post – and an overlook on Sixth Avenue.

The masterminds behind Pebble Bar’s sophisticated design are the founders of Gachot Studios, John and Christine Gachot, whose past projects include the Pendry Hotel at Manhattan West, Glossier in Soho and Marc Jacobs’ West Village townhouse. In conversation with The Post, Christine described Pebble Bar as a place that “has a poetic presence: a historic townhouse that stands as testament to a time before Nelson Rockefeller leveled an entire neighborhood to build a deco metropolis,” and added that the hope is for the venue to become “a regular spot for locals and a destination for visitors; a place that is for everybody, but one that hopefully becomes inextricable from NYC.”

While Pebble Bar was crafted to be the “place for everybody,” it wouldn’t be a celebrity venture without some sort of exclusive, glittery access area. Take the elevator up to the fourth floor — or enter from the “secret” access point in Rockefeller Center — and you’ll encounter Johnny’s, the Pebble Bar’s private event space that can host up to 50 guests.

Though it’s only been open for about a week, Johnny’s has already hosted a party for Robert Pattinson, celebrating the release of The Batman. Ever the joker, Pattinson reportedly clowned Davidson at his own opening by continually requesting Kanye West songs on repeat. Davidson was, no doubt, unfazed though — considering he thought Ye's "Eazy" video was hysterical.

Photo via Getty/ Rosalind O'Connor/ NBC/ NBCU Photo Bank