Jennifer Coolidge Wants to Play a Dolphin

Jennifer Coolidge Wants to Play a Dolphin

As if there was any ever doubt that she would, Jennifer Coolidge pretty much owned last night's Golden Globe Awards.

From the rambling preamble she gave while presenting the award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a TV series — which aired out all her anxieties about the responsibility of presenting — to the even longer acceptance speech she gave after taking home the award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Limited Series/Anthology or Motion Picture which was equally full of more Coolidge-isms such as allusions to vaudeville hooks pulling her off stage and a heartfelt thank you to White Lotus' Mike White for getting her neighbors to speak to her again, everything was coming up Coolidge at the 80th annual Golden Globes.

And while Coolidge's well deserved win for her instantly iconic role as Tanya in HBO's The White Lotus was certainly a big highlight of the night, it does beg the question: where does she go next? For many actors, this typically entails some Oscar-bait prestige role in a poignant and tear-jerking biopic or a go at some sort of sentimental vanity project. For Coolidge as the walking fever dream of a woman that she is, her dream has always been to play a dolphin.

The actress voiced her desire to play the aquatic mammal in a post-award interview without a shred of hesitation after an interviewer asked what her “the ultimate, dream role" would be now that she had a Golden Globe. A truly buck-wild response for an otherwise pretty routine question, the answer noticeably caught both interviewers off guard who then visibly struggled to parse what she could have possibly meant by "dolphin." Did she mean she wanted to voice a dolphin in an animated film? No, that would be the sane response. Like Flipper? Yes.

Frankly we'd expect nothing less from the pure chaotic good that is Jennifer Coolidge, but the exchange does now have us picturing her fully made-up like the anthropomorphized dolphin from Netflix's dating show for closet furries, Sexy Beasts, blowhole and all. If anyone was up to the challenge, it would be Coolidge. Whether there's a director brave enough out there to make her dream a reality remains to be seen.

Photo via Getty/Rich Polk/NBC