Jennifer Coolidge Crowned 2023 Vegan Queen

Jennifer Coolidge Crowned 2023 Vegan Queen

PETA has crowned Jennifer Coolidge 2023's Vegan Queen... whatever that means. Coolidge announced the honor in a Blingee-meets-Lisa-Frank-inspired Instagram graphic.

Explaining her personal history with PETA, Jennifer Coolidge thanked the animal rights advocacy organization for the honor with a string of every animal emoji, rainbow hearts and a kiss.

“You were the first animal advocacy group that I was lucky enough to discover,” she said in the caption. “When I first learned about you and the work you do on behalf of animals globally- I knew I had found my people. You fearlessly expose the harsh realities of animal cruelty and prove just how powerful animal lovers can be when they organize and take action.”

In a press release announcing the award, PETA honored Coolidge’s “commitment to animal liberation that’s even stronger than her 'bend and snap.'"

Coolidge’s involvement with the organization dates back to the 2003 issue of PETA’s cruelty-free shopping guide, which sported Coolidge on the cover.

Her dedication to our furry friends is well-documented, whether it's photoshopping her rescue dogs Chewbacca and Bagpipes into her Instagram posts, working with cruelty-free makeup brands like e.l.f Beauty or declining a hot dog commercial unless the brand added a vegan hot dog option. She may want a hot dog real bad, but not that bad. Her unforgettable role as Sherri Ann Cabot — high femme lesbian lover of Jane Lynch and proud dog-mother of well-manicured poodle Rhapsody in White — brought high-profile attention to the world of pet competitions (which PETA, historically does not support due to the unethical breeding practices and cosmetic procedures surrounding them).

And, of course, her career goal is to play a dolphin.

“Jennifer Coolidge’s huge heart for animals is rivaled only by the size of her talent,” says PETA Senior Vice President Lisa Lange. “PETA is crowning her our ‘Vegan Queen’ this year for using every opportunity she gets to encourage everyone to keep cruelty to animals out of their cuisine, closets and cosmetics.”

The responsibilities and rights afforded the Vegan Queen were not disclosed, but the reign of Jennifer Coolidge, Vegan Queen has only just begun.

Photo courtesy of BFA/ Kyle Goldberg