The Internet's in Shambles Over the 'Sexy Beasts' Dating Show

The Internet's in Shambles Over the 'Sexy Beasts' Dating Show

As if dating itself wasn't enough of a horror show, Netflix is now upping the ante with a reboot of a BBC Three series that looks like something straight out of Alien.

On Wednesday, the streaming giant released the trailer for its bizarre new series, Sexy Beasts. And the premise? To take "looks completely out of the equation [by] using fantastical, cutting edge prosthetics to transform the daters," all in an effort to give them "a chance to find love purely based on personality." So basically, the absolutely terrifying love child of Love Is Blind and The Masked Singer.

And while one buck-toothed beaver looking for "ass first, personality second" may have missed the entire point, most of the other contestants in the trailer seemed to understand that the purpose of going on the "strangest blind date ever" was to finally say "goodbye to superficial dating." But even so, the teaser itself has obviously elicited quite the response online, seeing as how people wondered if they had dreamt the show or were on some kind of acid trip.

Elsewhere, the concept was met with a mixture of horror and intrigue, with one anti-dating show watcher saying that they were going to tune in to see whether a bug and a dolphin (???) can find love with each other, as others just expressed pure fear and confusion after watching the sneak peek.

However, some were also critical of the series' casting, arguing that all the contestants featured in the trailer were "'conventionally attractive'" and that "all the thin women [had] tight clothes on."

"Unless they sprinkle in some contestants who aren't 'conventionally attractive,' what's the point?," as another responded, while a third added that "the 'based on personality alone' thing is a bit of a stretch."

Granted, Netflix still seems pretty gung-ho about the upcoming premiere, not to mention all the buzz surrounding it. So if you're as curious as we are, Sexy Beasts will premiere on July 21 via Netflix.

Photo courtesy of Netflix