Jennifer Coolidge Joins TikTok
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Jennifer Coolidge Joins TikTok

Jennifer Coolidge is taking on new art forms. The recently crowned Golden Globe-winning actor has mastered her tight-lipped, deadpan craft and now is embarking on a new endeavor: the bite-size TikTok video.

Her first 41-second video was beyond boundary-breaking. Taking inspiration from her Shotgun Wedding co-star, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Coolidge performed a spoken word rendition of Lopez’s infamous 2002 hit “Jenny from the Block,” or as Coolidge puts it, “a poem I like.”

The poetry of Lopez’s lyrics has always been undeniable. When spoken through the swollen lips of Coolidge, they gain a whole new layer of meaning. The video ends with Lopez rightfully in awe of Coolidge’s delivery.


Trying out TikTok! 💋👀 @jlo

Lopez also reposted the video to her TikTok, captioning it “Happy JENNUARY.” The only thing that would make us happier through this dreary month is if JLo and JCo issued a “Jenny from the Block” remix.

Lopez’s own TikTok boasts 15.5 million followers and features impressively edited Bennifer content as well as BTS of her lavish life. Safe to say, Coolidge will have a trusted source to show her the ropes.

But while Coolidge is getting on TikTok, Courtney Love wants you to get off.

In a clip posted to i-D’s TikTok, Love cautions viewers to “get the fuck offline,” warning that employers are not looking for workers with short attention spans and social media addictions (unless you work for PAPER). Love says it's time to go off-grid. "Stay offline, really stay off Tiktok," she says in the video.


Courtney Love has a message for us all 😳 #courtneylove #socialmedia #dior #fashionforyou #tiktok #fashionforyou

Lucky for Coolidge, she's riding her White Lotus success out for now and, if all things go according to plan, will soon be playing a dolphin.

Photo Courtesy of Jojo Korsh/BFA